Meristation's Pre-Analysis of Killzone 2

Meristation: "This is what we want to achieve." Guerrilla Games' words were used to evade the growing debate generated on the first trailer of Killzone 2 that saw the light. It was mid May 2005.

From the sky, two squads came to the battlefield.

One of them received an impact and eventually to the rest of exploiting peers. No time for regrets, feet on the ground, loaded gun, and survive in the midst of an attack Helghast.

The impressive aspect of the sequence, full of details, heavy polygonal spectacular explosions and fluid animations and real, seemed from another era. Doubts about whether it was made a video in real time or sequence by computer, powered by the divergent and vague answers from Guerrilla and Sony, served as a tactical weapon to not clarify if the sample is a kinematics or not that has been repeated more than once since the Japanese company."

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Jager3463d ago

um... the link goes to a review of GTA china town wars...

Sasanova3463d ago

broke azz link...u gotta search the site to find the intended link >.> so much much much little patience

CrippleH3463d ago

Very good read and lengthy at that too.

Carbide73462d ago

"Technically, soon to be highlighted. The trailer of the game speak for themselves and make clear that Killzone 2 is the new standard at the technical level."


HardcoreGamer3462d ago

for console gaming graphics ps3 and klilzone is obviously second to none, and its a good things its by quite a margin in compared to others in terms of graphics, special effects frame rate. particals shadowing ilghting shaders what ever its crazy thats its got all that in there

bviperz3462d ago

GG has really created a beautiful beast here.

antifanboyism3462d ago

The writing in this pre - analysis is terrible to say the least. Its almost as if the author has tried to use words or sentence structures he/she doesn't fully understand, but probably thinks they sound professional.

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