Video Game Warzone #29: What Sony Needs To Do To Push Killzone 2 Sales

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode of The Video Game Warzone, we discuss what kind of marketing Sony needs to do to push sales of Killzone 2 and other AAA titles that will soon arrive for the Playstation 3. Also on this episode:

* The Wii is capable of great graphics
* Some inside info about how PR works with the big sites
* New York Comic Con
* Metro 2033 The Last Refuge
* Ghostbusters Game
* Impressions on FEAR 2
* Incognito Warhawk 2"

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WildArmed3495d ago

Simple, not listen to you XD

just kidding.
Decent podcast. Im glad podcast like these are around, it helps me cut time when I travel to and from University of Chicago. (Commuting is a b!tch.. sometimes) XD

interrergator3495d ago

i cant wait to put killzone 2 in my disc day one needs a midnight launch definately

lord_of_balrogs3495d ago

Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. That's all KZ2 needs to do to be a success.

cellypower3494d ago

Damn ya'll got me hyped for Killzone 2!!

originalrece3494d ago

that was a good show i love warzone and hiphopgamer show.
i agree with u cellypower they really got me hype for killzone already got it preordered and paid for

Very good job torrence davis keep up the hard work love your site im really looking forward to next weeks show

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