Wii Games That Deserved Better

That Gaming Site writes: "Oh the Wii, the poor old Wii. It is doing so well for a company that in terms of home consoles was on the brink of doom after the slightly lacking Gamecube, yet it receives a lot of slack for its casual line up although at times it can be a little deserving of its negative praise (need I mention countless amounts of shovelware?). But today we honour those that went by with a bit of a fizzle, some promising that didn't quite meet the standard set by themselves, some fantastic games that didn't get the attention they deserved and some games that are truly misunderstood."

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-GametimeUK-3493d ago

Games like Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, Metroid 3, Smash Bros and Zelda TP are on the wii... If classics like that are possible on the wii then yea the other wii games deserve to be better...

mastiffchild3493d ago

Surely a little article with that title HAD to include the criminally ignored, no? NMH, just about(great game though) but Okami(again, another platform, even better version, just as inored)and Zack and Wiki(best use of all the wii's best features in one original package) are the best examples.
Throw in Boomblox too, while we're at it. As for Red Steel, while it was nowhere near what we were promised is that any surprise from UBi? They HATE Wii owners and were never gonna spen the money making RS good when the had the "Imagine" seiries of cow crap to peddle-to say nothing of the two BIA xbox ports whch rank among the laziest game releases in history. Ubisoft OWE Wii owners and doing RS2 justce(motion plus will helploads)woud go a fair way towards regaining some trust from a huge install base. The original had some cool rpg style levelling up(dojo and gun training to unlock abilities)stuff aand if they make the sequel pretyy and add to the good points(and some gun/sword online MP it shoud be a WEii classic but with Ubis record I'm not hlding my breathing apparatus.
Still as long as Fatal Frame4 and Fragile get a wetern release along wih the best of the Wii exclusives oF 09 we sahould get some overdue lulz from that likkle white box. Incidentally until the BiA ports the worst AI seen since PS1era could be attributed to the fool oppo in Red Steel -ose guys were plain crazy!
And Lostwonds was/is about the most lovely game released on Wiiware yet and the sequel only needs to be longer and as whimsical as the first and I'll be more han ontent-disc or download!

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barakiu3492d ago

No More Heroes was Suda 51's #1 selling game thus far and it's still trucking along.

Elven63492d ago

Yea but it's better to sell a million copies at the original price then sell a million at a reduced price.