Windows 7 beta extends Downloads till Febuary 10th.

Microsoft Corp. yesterday extended the deadline for downloading the public beta of Windows 7 by more than two weeks, citing continued interest in the preview.

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aaquib093406d ago

Vista = Utter garbage.

I switched to a Mac after experiencing Vista for a good week. It was horrible. I will NEVER go back to it. Now, with my Mac and VMWare fusion, I have Mac OS X on my Apple Cinema Display on the left, and Windows 7 running on the MacBook display on the right. It's great.

richie007bond3406d ago

Windows 7 is fricking awesome,finally vista and xp can be layed to rest cause windows 7 walks all over them,and to be really honest i dont think vista is all that bad,i run vista on my computer just fine no problems what so ever..Vista runs much better than XP,granted you need to beef your Pc up a bit but my Pc is no monster and vista flys on my machine

Primetimebt3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I was thinking about buying a new computer this year but now there is a windows 7 in the making.. WTF. Is there going to be a time when I buy a computer and not worry about the next OS coming out 1 or 2 years later.