Microsoft's Answer to LittleBigPlanet

"Kodu (originally named Boku); an upcoming Xbox Live Community game will allow anyone to build their own personal playground with ease. Ever since it was announced, people have compared it to Sony's big hit LittleBigPlanet. They both are platformers and seem to have similar characteristics but the question is; will Kodu be Microsoft's answer to LittleBigPlanet?"

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THC CELL3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

man this looks like a really really bad dumbed down little Big planet

why is it that
Xbox little big planet is Dumbed down and there home is dumbed down

What next a dumbed down killzone

MaximusPrime3342d ago

isnt there a "dumbed down killzone 2"?

there are two of them

gaylo and tears of war

THC CELL3342d ago

haha i did not want to rub that in but bubble up lol

GameOn3342d ago


You should know the difference.

eelnats20003341d ago

really stop saying its their answer to LBP.

they are setting themselves up for a promise that they cant keep.

This is not a fanboy rant, but this game will never be in the same league as LittleBigPlanet.

That is a fact.

Deadman643341d ago

"Ever since it was announced, people have compared it to Sony's big hit LittleBigPlanet."

People are comparing the game to LBP, not Microsoft.

shawnsl653341d ago

he was right "isn't THERE a" not your assumption of "isn't their a"

grammatically pwned!

eelnats20003341d ago

I never said anything about microsoft. o_0

PoSTedUP3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

"and there home" is improper...

eye is smart two yu no...

bujasem_893341d ago

Microsoft are stupid rip off's damn there lame i mean seriously how pathetic is that and even if there game is better i'm just lettin u guyz know it might be its natural cause when mimicking someone its normal to prefect what there doing but since MS is tht stupid they might not surpass it or might but just a little but when and if LBP2 comes out it will kick its ass right back where it came from

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jamesrocks31473342d ago

what LBP has is unbelieveable with its youtube like system favorite peoples levels play them the possibiltys are endless. microsoft will have to do a hell of a lot to match it. i always say...... if microsoft cant buy the exclusive game from ps3 (if its 3rd party) they try and make a game very simlar always have always will.

eagle213342d ago

Scene it? Nope.
Lips? All talk.
Banjo? Did it release?

LBP just got 10 nominations at AIAS including GOTY. Record setting number of nominations. Feb. 19th is the award show. LBP FTW!

chaosatom3342d ago

Microsoft is Purely making this game for the Casual image, nothing else.

I_am_rushin3342d ago

Nerdy girl, "This is my world."


truewittness3341d ago

this a community game that a regular person made, not a big delevoper and nothing to do with MS. it will have no achievements and it will probably cost 200 MS points which is $2.50, which 90% of the community games cost. the other 10% cost 400 MS points.

ThanatosDMC3341d ago

So... ummm... what was the game?

phosphor1123341d ago

it fails. Last time I checked. Tools like RPG maker was not for casuals. Don't tell me this is really any different. Only thing that you don't have to do in this is make your own sprites. People have hard enough times making a 2d map, let alone a 3d one. I mean come on? I'm not trying to bash this...but..damn.

Also, it's not win if you can't make a CPU that goes against you in tic tac toe, or a calculator. lol

andyo133341d ago

looks more like little big headache.

The Mikester3341d ago

Microsoft would have to work there butts of to match LBP and really there isn't a way to match and/or beat LBP.
yeah this game will be like it but no where near to what LBP is like.

eelnats20003341d ago

trying to understand whats going on in the video.

It obviously shows that its not easy to work with, the guy controls it really poorly, and i dont really see what the appeal of this game really is..

I mean, i'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but to be honest, i dont know what else to say but... wtf was that?!


Looks like Viva Pinata and Spore bound togheter or something...

BrianC62343341d ago

"this a community game that a regular person made, not a big delevoper and nothing to do with MS. it will have no achievements and it will probably cost 200 MS points which is $2.50, which 90% of the community games cost. the other 10% cost 400 MS points."

Media Molecule is no huge development team. I wish I had my Sega genesis still. Then I could play that game. What, it isn't for the Genesis? What about the SNES? Maybe the Jaguar or Saturn?

BrianC62343341d ago

"If this "game" is intended to be for casuals...
it fails."

I agree with that. The guy talking couldn't figure out what was going on. The menu system isn't intuitive at all. Casual gamers would try it for two minutes and give up. And serious gamers would say it stinks. Those graphics are horrible. I hope with all the cutbacks Microsoft is having they get smart and kill that game before it gets released. It will do nothing but make them look bad. Even if it's just an XBLA game it isn't good.

uie4rhig3341d ago

i have no idea what the girl was doing ... i bet that girl has been trained for hours and hours before she was able to do this.. i would also bet that that level didn't just take "a small circle" to make it lol more like days of work lol

Montrealien3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

well Jamesrock. 50 people agree with you here on N4G, thousands and thousands don't give a crap in the real world.

Reality = LBP, great game, deserves all the praise, Kodu, interesting concept, derserves a look. The real world does not accept F*n****.

Saint Sony3341d ago

Firstly, Little Big Planet is a game that everyone can enjoy who have PS3.

Community games for 360 on the other hand works only in minority of countries where 360 is available. USA and I guess some of the European countries, but many countries are still without MANY MANY MANY services that Xbox 360 offers in USA.

Therefore most of the 360 users are based in USA. Rest of the world is not that important for Microsoft it seems. Too bad.

Anyhow, Kodu or boku or what ever is FAR from Little Big planet, so chill down everyone. It's not a game that is going to be available for everyone.

When MS makes community gaming service available to everyone, in every country, only then it can be considered as a great service/possibility.

We all know that best coders and game makers comes from everywhere else than from USA. Community gaming service is nothing untill it's for everyone.

godofthunder103341d ago

I can't belive how bias and stupid some ps3 fanboys.They are blameing Microsoft for copping Sonys little big planet.The FACT is that microsoft didn't have any thing to do with it.It was made buy a gamer on Microsoft software to make games.It will be for sale on xbox live.

I can't belive that ps3 fanboys are trying to compare a game made by 1 person on software that you could buy to a big developing company.the fact is that Kodu is made by 1 person and it didn't have anything to do with Microsoft,they are just promoteing it.As a matter of fact the game might cost $5 and the person that made the game will get money off each 1 that is downloaded.LBP was made by a big developing company and it cost $60.I like to know how in the hell can people compare these two games.The people that's comparing them must be desperate.The thing i can't stand the most is how ps3 fanboys isn't giveing credit to someone who made a game like this.The only thing i could see is that they are jealous that they couldn't make it.I said it before and i said it again LBP is a child game and that is why it had disappointing sells,hell i wouldn't have bought LBP if it was a 360 exclusive and i'm not buying this game but atleast i'm giveing credit to the person that made it because i couldn't have made it.

I'm also tired of hearing how Microsoft always coppy sony and they can never come up with anything their selfs.The fact is that every one coppies everyone.As a matter of fact is was microsoft that came up first with

1- use of a harddrive.
2- to give extra downloadable content from xbox live for games.
3-to make their game system a media system.
4-to sell games online
5- have internet play before sony did.
Sony also stole the moition controller from nintendo.Sony showed the controller that was suppose to come with the ps3 and it wasn't even close to what they have now,it didn't even have moition or rumble in it.When they seen how many people liked the wii with their moition controller they put 1 in the ps3 controller.They said that they wasn't putting rumbble in the ps3 controller because it was last gen.When they started haveing complaints because they didn't have rumbble in it they put one in.

Microsof came up with one of the biggest selling games of all time with Halo.The fact is that sony stole a lot of exclusive games from nintendo when they first came out.Take Metal gear solid,.It's the most proud exclusive that the the ps3 have and ps3 fanboys are all ways talking about it.The fact is that MGS was a nintendo exclusive before it was a ps exclusive but sony stole it away from nintendo and it's not the only exclusive that sony stole from nintendo.Ps3 fanboys shouldn't throw stones at glass houses if they live in 1 to.The fact is that sony stole about 50% of their exclusives from nintendo but the biggest exclusive sony had they stole from nintendo,they didn't come up with it themselfs.Ps3 fanboys should look back at what sony did when they first came out with the ps.They did the exact thing that microsoft is doing now.It's business and it will always work like that.

3341d ago
popup3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I appreciate what you are saying above but all the apparent coincidences between other brands ideas and then soon magically appearing 'nothing like it but better that it' does smell an awful lot! In fact, I can think of nothing whatsoever that MS has ever truly pioneered. (there must be something)

More like an attempt to 'duplicate' originality and innovation. Shame those words don't really go well with the word 'duplicate' It's a good job they don't make movies...

I have only spent longer on a Gran Turismo game than LBP now and I can see that record being smashed :)

thegood333341d ago

Man, I love my Xbox, but that game looks horrible.

thegood333341d ago

@ popup
I would say the achievement system and xbox live in general are extremely innovative. Downloading movies and streamin netflix on a three hundred buck system is also really cool.

The Lazy One3341d ago

it's a visual programming language for making games.

Little big planet is a platformer with a robust level editor. This is not a level editor. Go look up Alice from Carnegie Melon. It's a similar thing, except that it probably won't suck as much as Alice.

it's designed to introduce younger people to programming and logic structure.

kunit22c3341d ago

This connot even be compared to LBP this sucks, its barely customizable, not really much gameplay, and this just looked horrible im sorry, LBP beats this by a million miles, i couldnt have fun with this if i tried. and before i was thinking there wont be a LBP 2 because the first was so good they cant make it better, but i thought of a way customizable 2d and 3D gameplay, that would be sweet to have them both, and both because just incase the 3D LBP sucks.

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THC CELL3342d ago

i bet MM are laughing there ass off

Up Next Little big planet 3d

gumgum993341d ago


they'll hear ^_^

InMyOpinion3341d ago

Unlike the rest of the people in here I believe the guys over at Media Molecule are clever enough to know the difference between big budget retail games and community games.

Anyways, community games are awesome.

LeonSKennedy4Life3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm with Jenzo on this one. If anything, Media Molecule is going to download this on day one to see what these indie developers are really capable of. They themselves were indie developers not so long ago. Sony gave them the break they deserved. Why not download this game and see if there's anyone worth signing on? I'm sure Microsoft and Sony are both looking and the indie developers right now. They need innovation. They need talent. Nintendo can get away with this impulse-buy crap.

Jenzo...we finally came to a conclusion: Some people are just dumb.

InMyOpinion3341d ago

lol! True. Anyways, it's silly to even compare LBP to Kudo. They are not of the same magnitude/budget, and it shows.

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ape0073342d ago

1/10 as good as lbp

I'll eat my HDTV

Covenant3342d ago

With ketchup, or steak sauce? :)

I agree: This will have to work hard to beat LBP. The concept looks like fun, though.

no-spin3342d ago

No way. MS does not understand the style of LBP
now they come with "me too" strategy.
if they do as they did with the me too avatars (ugliest representation of a human being so far) then this games will SUCK
MS interpretation of style is loud music in the background, in your face explosions and poor creativity

of course the game will score 9/10 everywhere

LBP = greatness

KODU = crap

GiantEnemyCrab3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

"Kodu? more like crap"

You played it? You speak as if you have and can compare it accurately to LBP. Which from what I've seen shouldn't be compared.

Kodu is to teach young folks how to develope games and LBP is a very fancy level editor. Not to take away or undersell LBP which many enjoy and is excellent, they are just not the same thing.

Dark General3341d ago

It's more than just a "level editor". The sheer depth of tools you have and the possibilities you can do with the game stretch out farther than what alot of people think. Just look at the Gradius level (if you have the game) or the tic tac toe level. The things you can actually do if you put your mind to it is amazing. Calling it a mere level editor is a understatement.

Also you might have not known but there's one particular creator (his name escapes me at the moment) who is going to school to become a game designer. LBP helps him with level creating, polishing and bug checking, i think that's a good testament to how deep LBP really is. Not to mention fun to boot when playing with friends.

Willio3341d ago

Kodu does not "teach young folks how to develope games," when all the functions are already there. Its identical in terms of editing/creating a level.


I thought xbla community games were free....

Bits-N-Kibbles3341d ago

by KO in the first 5 seconds...


Tony P3341d ago

Regardless of what you derive from it, it was in fact intended to teach rules of simple programming to kids and inexperienced users of all ages. Not as MS's "LBP killer" like our thorough gaming media reports.

Whether it actually accomplishes that task in a meaningful way is something we can argue about all day.

The Lazy One3341d ago

ok... it's more than a level editor. It's a robust level editor.

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Mindboggle3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Not really an answer to LBP, more of an answer to its creation mode.

LBP is easily one of the best games ever made even without the create mode. I think without a main story the game(?) will not be as successfull. Just like LBP wouldnt be as sucessful if it didnt have pre-made story levels with prizes and trophies etc.

Another aspect is the character creator. This kodu isnt really a LBP rival. Its nothing like it really.

And really this just doesnt look like fun.

ice_prophecy3341d ago

While playing LBP i was thinking. Someone made this?! with our toolset? Holy crap its awesome.

cherrypie3341d ago


This is a LONG DISCUSSED product from MS Research. It has been publicly shown at conferences by MS Research for over two years.

This has NOTHING to do with LBP. Zero. Nothing.

This has come from an effort to teach young children programming concepts.

The utter ignorance -- and the confidence that this forum has in that ignorance -- is just astounding.

Again, I repeat: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LBP. Please, if you're going to have a discussion about Kodu (formerly Boku) -- GET INFORMED FIRST.

ice_prophecy3341d ago

Err... Why can't we talk about LBP in here? Its in the title of the article, in the text itself, and it is being compared?

The Lazy One3340d ago

You just can't compare a visual programming language to a game with a level creating toolset.

The article, as well as a majority of the people in here are completely ignorant as to what kodu is, and what it's going to be used for.

One is a game with a system for sharing user generated content. One is a visual programming language. You shouldn't even really be comparing them at all.

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