Final Fantasy VII PS3 Set To Boost Japanese Sales Massively

Earlier this week it was announced that there would be a special edition Playstation 3 coming out in conjunction with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on Blu-ray. The package features a PS3, Advent Children Complete and the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

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Blademask3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

Wonder if they will do it? FF sells the most in japan. Not sure what the point of buying into the franchise is if you dont sell it in the titles strongest region.

Wildarmsjecht3410d ago

I see what you did there lol

eagle213410d ago

To Kotaku: Grab a box of tissues and watch mama work 2009! lol

BrunoM3410d ago

oooo to bad they wont be having FF12 in japan .. oooppps it came out now every one knows...

Handsome_Devil3410d ago

If i'm not mistaken FF13 is still exclusive for the PS3 in Japan. the xbox360 going to have it in the other regions only.

am I right guys ?

gaffyh3410d ago

I can definitely see FF7 PS3 boosting sales, but i wonder how many it will sell. FF7 is a very popular game in Japan, the FF7 limited edition PSPs sold out almost immediately when it was released (777,777 PSPs)

labaronx3410d ago

I've read stories that the japanese PS3 Final Fantasy 13 drops in November and FF Versus 13 will drop six months later. With Yakuza 3, Biohazard 5, and the FF7 bundle dropping less than a month apart the japanese have a hugh variety of games and PS3s coming to them.

Genesis53410d ago

Man! I really wish I could buy that. Thanks to MS they won't release it in NA. It would probably sell PS3's and we know MS will do anything they can to stop that from happening.

The gaming GOD3409d ago

He knows it's exclusive in Japan. He was actually taking a swipe at the 360 there. It was cryptic

FarEastOrient3409d ago

Delay the game in Japan are you nuts! I'm already ordering FFVII:AC with the demo, why should follow the same delay as the U.S. because of a 360 port.

Also a side note... FFXIII Versus is planned to be a worldwide release at around the same time. This was the original plan for FFXIII but it was delayed because of a 360 port, remember this game was in development since 2005.

thats_just_prime3409d ago

Thanks to MS this game will ship on time so no more delays cause sonys overpriced system and small user base. As for the movie I cant really see to many people buying a "GAME" system to watch a movie

Tony P3409d ago

That's hilariously ignorant of you.

If you know anything at all about FFVII, Japan, or JRPGs you should realize gamers over there will eat this up with both hands.

whoelse3409d ago

Shame they can't throw in FF7 PSOne.

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Raoh3410d ago

understatement of the year.

discussed last year.

i can see the US sales about even, including hardware sales..

but i think square and MS have a trick up their sleeves.

Mindboggle3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

They've already pulled out their tricks. Making exclusive 360 rpgs and stick the name SQUARE ENIX on the front and expect it to sale millions, But it flopped hard. And if they were to realese Final Fantasy 360 bundle it wouldnt make a difference.

Weve already seen japan choosing PS3 hardware over the 360 despite it being double the price and PS3 multi platform software outselling the 360 version by 100's of thousands.

Look at Pro Evo, GTA, Fallout 3, Devil May Cry 4 etc etc. And the same will go for Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and the same would go for Final fantasy. It wouldnt help the 360 one bit.

mephman3410d ago

If they were to do a Final Fantasy XIII bundle in the US for the 360 and not the PS3, it would certainly be interesting.

Raoh3410d ago

mephman sees my point.

Wildarmsjecht3410d ago

Although the design is nice, its pretty simple. They should have had an engraved Sephiroth or Cloud on there. Hell, I'd love a Cid one (since he's soo underrated in that game, but such a badass). In any case, this is supposed to come out like April right? If there is that supposed price cut happening around that time, maybe right before the launch of this model then sales would definately be aided. A lower price coupled with Japans love for all things FF7 = print money.

hossammilan3410d ago

Not only Japanese love FF7 , the whole world loves that game .

KingDizzi3410d ago

SE going to milk the life out of these PS3 releases. Imagine the bundle they have got ready for FFXIII and Versus, PS3 sales are going to be amazing this year.

AriesFury3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

But is only happens in Japan if they would release this worldwide it would be better. And I just read off the website that a lot of people think the PS3 is too expensive too. Wake up Sony.

MechaGear3409d ago

Still, the PS3 bundle is #3 on the sales list. Guess people are not that discouraged by the pricing after all.

Mr PS33410d ago

Will Die a Slow Painfull Death

Jerk1203410d ago

Yup, that is after the PS3 dies a fast painful death.

kraden3410d ago

Yeah, but they will die after wii dies, then xbox then ps.

MaximusPrime3410d ago

lol @ ps3 fast death?

u could have been saying that to PS1 and PS2. But look at them best sellers.

PS2 is still selling.

too early to judge PS3. PS3 will be strong.

Since 2 months ago, signs that MS is struggling.

Le Idiotce3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Remember PS3 outsold the 360 in its first year.
And remember how 360 has been in negative red since 2000. 9 billion in red and COUNTING everyday. Yes, they still make a loss even as we speak.

Remember Bungie is gone and their last Halo project is an expansion pack. Thats how sad the state is.
Remember Ensembles Studios is closed down since 1 January 2009.
Remember PGR contract is no more.
Remember 360 is still an RROD machine and the 3 year warranty which costed MS 2 billion, has expired.
Remember the XBOX division has no 1st party studios worth mentioning and that all their games are bought with money. Those days are over now because Steve Balmer is pissed that the XBOX division managed to burn away 9 billion without making a single dime.
Remember the second price cut last year which supposedly helped the 360 rise from its ashes...nothing is further from the truth. They were getting outsold by the PS3 and they cut their margins (sign of desperation) and lowered the price again. The result is a desperation move that has not brought them back from the dead but made them even worse off.

The signs that the XBOX division is one shiathole, was written all over the wall.

People who actually read the messages would have seen the lay offs coming from miles away. Remember, Peter Moore was already sacked last year as a warning sign to the Xbox division. That was their message to the incompetent folks at xbox division that if things dont improve, they are done for. And things have not improved. Sacrificing one's own margin for supposedly increased sales, does not improve your situation. It makes you worse off.

Im not surprised why the XBOX division is taking the brunt. Traditionally speaking, companies kill off their weakest links. And make no mistake about it, the 360 is indeed the weakest link. Even the Zune performed better. There is absolutely no reason why Steve Balmer would continue to tolerate the Xbox divisions incompetence.

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