Playstation fans look back in anger

Sony announced yesterday that the European version of its games console will play only a "limited number" of old Playstation 2 titles when it goes to sale next month. The American model has much better "backwards compatibility" and plays almost all the old games. Angry British games enthusiasts called the decision a disgrace and said they were repeatedly treated like second-class citizens by Sony.

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DC RID3R4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

the european demographic is disgraceful.

If it isn't hardware/software delays, it's getting fisted with extortionate pricing.

Compared to ms/nintendo's customer service, sony's got a hell of a lot of catching up to do. In fact, they might as well start packing up, and just go home now, it' too late for them imho.

The wii is basically doing a "ds vs psp" job on it(wasn't the wii released AFTER the ps3?), and the 360 is the OVERALL leader no question :]

I bet you sony fans are felling REAL proud now huh?
oh well, back to cleaning up the streets (crackdown).

Raist4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

Pricing has nothing to do with Sony.

The difference between US and EU price for the 360 and the Wii is exactly the same, around 30% more (but don't forget that our prices include VAT, not yours)

The delay wasn't a bad thing after all. Many glitches fixed, huge line up. But the BC thing is a complete rip off.

techie4311d ago

We shall seee. I'm scpetical about sceptics being sceptical.

Azurite4311d ago

Yes, I too would like to see the tax lowered in Europe, everything's too expensive here.
The cheapest Wii in my country cost $373(and that's very cheap) while the average price is about $400 and you can get it for less than $250 in America!

Europe's prices are not governed by the companies but by Europe itself.
The only way for companies to sell products for about the same prices as the US would be to lose a lot more money than they already do.

FreeMonk4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

What makes me laugh is that the majority of the British public moan and groan when delays and price differences occur, but it's always been that way with Sony, ever since the PS1.

Just look at when the PSP was released. It was originally due for launch a couple of months after the US launch, but Sony cancelled the release, and shipped all the PSP's that were supposed to be for the European launch and shipped them to the USA and Japan where they sat on shelves. They then delayed it for another 6 months before releasing it in Europe and only provided a piddly amount of them at that.

Sony's customer service sucks balls compared to MS and Nintendo. No matter how hard it was for them to do, not matter if it lead to mass shortages all over the world, MS and Nintendo shipped to Europe, USA & Japan within weeks of each other.

They could of easily shipped all consoles in Japan first, and then US and leave Europe last like Sony do, but they think of there customers, and that shows in the sales of these consoles.

Over here, shops are struggling to get enough pre-orders for Launch. I went to 5 different stores yesterday in the UK (HMV, Game, Virgin, Gamestation and Tesco and asked them if I pre-orded, would I get it on launch day! All 5 shops said I would be guaranted a console, less than a month away from launch. That is pretty bad for Sony!!!

xfrgtr4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

If you have to pay more then you're treated like first class,its gonna be a great launch in the UK. Online retailer is taking six times more pre-orders than it received for PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360 - and 15 times more than the Nintendo Wii.

PSN Starfleets4311d ago

Sony can do all of this and much more because they know the Brits will still eat out of their palms.

Total fanboyism on the extreme.

It's the truth.

calderra4311d ago

[Keep in mind the console was delayed at least 6 months in America first, it was supposed to ship in Spring 2006 originally... this is not just a "3 month" delay as quoted- it's only been 3 months since they finally rolled out the US and Japan launches behind schedule.]

-A year-long delay? Great! They can work the bugs out.
-A soft lineup with a few good but no earth-shattering games one year after they were supposed to launch and key promised titles like Warhawk still MIA? Could have been worse!
-Backwards compatibility gets nuked? I still own my PS2 anyway!
-No games that look any better than what the competition's capable of despite the promises? Just give them time!
-An overly expensive console made incredibly more expensive, when other territories (ie: Japan) were allowed open pricing to help mediate this problem? Pfeh! It's always been that way
-No 20GB model? Hey, most of us wanted the 60GB anyway.

Man, I do hate my talk bubbles.

techie4311d ago

I'm not sure if you're slightly in denial or what.

I think a lot of the decisions by Sony have been made very negative. I think the launch in Europe will be great...and if their firmware is great and surprises us it may well feel like a new machine.

We shall see bout backwards compatibility...because it is important.

It is true that most people will want the 60gb model. And that is accurate research BUT I think it might be a bit different in the Uk because of the price being so crazy. It's also beneficial to Sony because they will make a profit on every 60gb model saved even without hardware revisions. This would not be the case if they were seeling a 20gb model.

I'll give you some positive feedback if you don't sound so overly optimistic.

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