Star Ocean: The Last Hope - New Trailer

Square Enix published a new trailer from Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Enjoy.

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lord_of_balrogs3493d ago

Buy at once it is useless to resist.

Blaze9293493d ago

Then this will be my first RPG that i purchase for this generation which is truly a shame. I hope itll turn out good though, sure does look amazing

ZackFair3493d ago

It looks and sounds incredibly bland, even compared to SO3. Resembles the failure that is Infinite Undiscovery.

Tri-ace has done terribly this generation, we can only *hope* this one will suck a bit less.

As a hardcore SO fan this is really discouraging, but I'll keep my fingers crossed at least.

sonarus3493d ago

I used to put this game as one of the best looking games out of Japan. I was wrong:S

sunnygrg3493d ago

The combat looks really fun. Lets hope that the framerate is as smooth as shown in the trailer, not like infinite undiscovery.

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Saint Sony3493d ago

It looked kinda old?.. it lacks something.

Why dis3493d ago

Looks out of this world to me.

illuminatus_V3493d ago

Absolutely cool trailer. Very different to the japanese ones, but absolutely fantastic.

NinjaRyu3493d ago

I can't wait for this game!

Supercalifragili3493d ago

One of the best games for this year. Truly amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.