Guide to Cheats Glitches and Tips for Fallout 3

Newly published guide by that includes cheats for PC and many glitches, tips, and hints for the console versions of Fallout 3.

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tnkGODimATHEIST3375d ago

Wow Pretty Amazing stuff thanks!

Snow3375d ago

Just one more and i get that damn platinum !

oriol0033375d ago

Yeah that took me forever.

duplissi3375d ago

too bad i beat the game before the trophy update :(

Megaton3375d ago

I'm working on my plat right now too. Need the one for 300 humans killed, 100 locations found, and 20 Bobbleheads. I figure I'll get the first 2 just by working on the 3rd.

zep3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

lol you need to be registered to view it pack that

demondoor3375d ago

i agree only porn worth the effort to register for