Age of Conan closes more than half of their server

One of the most hyped up games to come out in 2008 was Age of Conan. Sadly, the launch of the game was a different story. Stellar reviews and problems with the game itself caused a major downfall in popularity of the game.

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rhood0223286d ago

And they are still hoping to release this on the 360?

That makes no sense if they are closing half of their servers.

Elven63286d ago

They probably hope the game will do well on the 360 (The Xbox 360 needs a good MMORPG that doesn't start with Phantasy or Final) and allow them to reopen servers.

gambare3286d ago

the game can evolve to something better, the real problem is the system requirements

rhood0223286d ago

I enjoyed my short time with it on PC. But it was missing something. Not sure what though.

Im not even a big fan of MMORPGs but the next few years have Star Trek Online, DC Universe, and KOTOR Online...exciting.


Polluted3286d ago

Hmmm...usually stellar reviews are a good thing.

tilamiles3286d ago

yeps, it is old but surprisingly never reported here til now.

Avery3286d ago

Have a little look down there list there were several reports here - this is just repeat outdated news.

It is also not factual and wrong.

There is actually 24 servers now. Anyone who plays mmorpg's can do a comparison with EQ2 and LOTRO amount of servers.
Plus there will be another 2 language servers added V soon.

The game is also seeing a significant boost in new people joining and healthy populations.

RedVsBlue3286d ago

They chosed this over Marvel Online right ? If so they are going to regret it

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