Skewed and Reviewed Killzone 2 Gameplay Footage

Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed and Reviewed posted some footage of his gameplay from the upcoming Killzone 2 for the PS 3. The footage was recorded on 01-24-09 as he played the early part of the game.

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BMS843493d ago

I though in the beginning that the guy who played the game was standing behand glas and throwing grenades for real...

Sitdown3492d ago

read what you posted...and then give us your thoughts. Cause I am thinking...if you are throwing grenades behind some glass...they would bounce back and blow you up. I will agree that it shows great first person view.

BobDog3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

depends on how hard you through that grenade, might go right through it or shatter it if thrown with enough force (depending on type of glass)

im not talking about kz2 btw lol

Snow3492d ago

If you're talking about the part in the beginning where he's throwing grenades..yeah..there's no glass there..

gamesmaster3492d ago

i think he means maybe it looks so real it looks like an actual view of someone throwing grenades behind glass.

GameGambits3492d ago

I hate people who play easy or normal for that matter.

This doesn't look like he's playing on hard or above, but I could be wrong. Well maybe my real beef is the fact he sucks at being effective at a FPS.

Also whoever stated this isn't new footage the end of it is. You get a small chunk of a new checkpoint/chapter sequence in the last few seconds, so maybe avoid that part at the end.

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Garethvk3492d ago

I may shoot more tomorrow and post it as well.

maverick11913492d ago

i hate when they post these threads with the vids of the game i cant take it im resisting as much as i can but i want to watch it but i dont watch these sort of vids i want the surprise feeling when i buy it i dont want to go oh i remember this bit on that vid i seen you go here shoot and here cover and here shoot done i want to go sh!t what do i do

Gun_Senshi3492d ago

Does it have spoilers to watch?

Cerberus_Hunter3492d ago

No...nothing new to see here either.

WeaseL3492d ago

Its not the best quality vid I've seen.

Just found a good montage of clips though.

don't forget to click on HD

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The story is too old to be commented.