Home and NXE: Same Idea, Different Worlds

From the article: "The New Xbox Experience launched in November to many a happy Xbox 360 owner. The avatar creation system is a hit and the interface is much more accessible than the old blade system. However, Sony is not too far behind with their Home service, a Second Life-esque world that lets you interact and play games with others. Even though they're two completely different philosophical approaches to character personalization, how do these two services stack up to one another? I've spent some time with both, and now that gamers have had a chance to play with both services for several weeks, I'm prepared to say that they're close to being even. But one service has a bit of an edge at the moment."

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krouse933435d ago

This is not really accurate because you can jump directly to your house instead of walking there in home by using the home menu pad and the world map thats also how you get to the redbull air race and the uncharted and the farcry spaces so this isn't really a very accurate comparison.

Blademask3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Not only is "NXE" a new interface for XBLA, its Mii's are limited in any sort of interaction. Why this is compared to a virtual world(home) is beyond me. XMB is Sony's "NXE". Not Home. Comparing Mii's to HOME is beyond retarded. But hey, what else do ya do when theres nothing to buzz about in the 360 gaming universe.

I guess people are done "drooling" over that 10x10pixel image of alan wake.

GrandTheftZamboni3435d ago

I guess the idea is to have customers looking for a console thinking:

"PS3 has avatars, XBox has avatars. PS3 $400, XBox $200. XBox is a better deal."

gaffyh3434d ago

How are NXE and Home even slightly similar? If the guy had said XMB and NXE maybe that would be accurate, but having an avatar on your NXE, is different to having your avatar in Home and going around talking to people.

Bell Boy3435d ago

Surely Home is a social network application that is available free and accessed through the XMB which is the interface that you use to go to store, web browser etc. I don't need to go to home in order to enter video store or go to PSN game store. I fail to see how NXE and Home can even be compared they are not the damn same thing and don't try to be.

Home is just an example of how Sony are trying to push out as many Free applications that their user base can use if they wish to. I am so pleased when I fire up the PS3 i don't have to deal with child like I bet those testosterone fueled Gears fans love

Bell Boy3435d ago

Maybe you are correct but no offense if you are old enough to be able to purchase games like gears would you really want those kiddie avartars? Microsoft imo really doesn't know where to really find it's place, I always felt Microsoft was hardcore especially as its biggest franchises where Halo and Gears but know they chase the casual market in this way. Sony as imo always been about diversity with equal amounts of hardcore and family friendly titles being provided.

GrandTheftZamboni3434d ago

What I was trying to say is that the author of this article was trying to make the consoles look equal. Kind of like Cadillac has 4 doors and 4 wheels, and so does the Chevrolet, but Chevrolet costs less, therefore it's a better buy.

I agree about MS trying to find it's place. Either casual gamer market got bigger since the Wii or it was hard to differentiate it from hard-core when one console dominated in the last gen. Since Wii is only casual gamer machine, now it's apparent how big that market is and MS wants a piece of it. But, they might be at risk of not being attractive to hard-cores anymore.

outlawlife3434d ago

bottom line

neither one actually matters when it comes to gaming

NXE avatars are just that avatars...they dont do anything other than represent you visually

home is a bloated micro transaction farm that wants me to pay $1 for a chair

i would be fine without both to be quite honest

T-Baggins3434d ago

Last time I checked a sh!tty little animated gif (I know its not an animated gif but its not much different)is not the same thing as a fully 3D rendered character that walks around a fully 3D rendered world with several locations to visit and things to play (or buy), yeah there almost exactly the same.

panasonic233434d ago

u do know nxe is in beta right o and hear ms got their own version of home