iPhone app developers: Interview with Ryan Mitchell

iPhone Footprint:

"Q: Tell us a little about you, and your current company.

A: I come from a pretty long history in professional game development. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity. A few years ago I came back to help build my father's company's technology level and pursue multiply career paths. The game industry had worn on me and my family with 120 hour weeks stretching on indefinitely. I also wanted my kids to have grandparents so I came back home where I currently work as both a graduate architect with my father's company and also creating apps. I pretty much work all the time that I am not spending with my wife, kids, and family. It is kind of funny really. I have a corner in the living room with two computers that I sit at while we will watch movies and tv. I have even taken a notebook computer to a friend's poker night so in between hands I could work (sad I know). I never really have been able to do one thing at a time. I do enjoy creating apps and look forward to what I am able to pull off in the future."

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