New Final Fantasy XIII Direct Feed Screenshots have posted the direct feed screenshots they published a few days ago in their magazine. Hopefully these high quality screenshots can tide some of you over until the official sites countdown finishes in 3 and a half days.

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Cartesian3D3319d ago

details on face is amazing, specially her hairs.. but other than that I dont know.. we need higher resolution pictures to judge.

cant wait to see a GOOD FF game, I didnt like FF12 (boring characters and story,somehow gay :P )

good luck square-enix, Cant wait to see FF versus 13(Namura FTW) and FF 13 .

meepmoopmeep3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

i'll let you know Apr. 17+

btw, you do know Nomura is the character designer for XIII as well, eh?
not just Versus.

but he's just the char designer, whereas Versus he's The Man for that project.

Cartesian3D3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

dude character designer(FFXIII) compare to director(in versus) is nothing in my opinion.. look at the FF versus team (Last trailer) , they are all from FFVII,8,Kingdom hearts teams..

for sure Square will put more labor on FFXIII, but imo Nomura as a director can make sth better even with less budget..

Le Idiotce3318d ago

oh how the mighty have fallen.

Bring on Versus I say.

meepmoopmeep3318d ago

hahah, sorry, i didn't read your comment too well,

i just saw Versus and Nomura FTW.

but yeah, i know what you mean.

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Sarcasm3319d ago

I'm loving the main character. She's beautiful. And she's a girl! Not that confusing mix of he/she in typical SE fashion.

Itrguy0013318d ago

here here Lighting is CUTE same with the other girl in Versus shes CUTE 2 to bad they aint real :( :( XD

swiftshot933319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

that looks incredible. I didnt like FF12 but hooly hell that looks amazing. they are really pushing the ps3 it seems.

Edit: LOL! please respond with what you disagree with!
"that looks incredible"- does this game not look incredible to you? Then i honestly dont know what does...
"I didnt like FF12"-are you disagreeing with the fact that i didnt like FF12? I guess I dont know where my head is...
"they are really pushing the ps3"-Are you telling me that square is not pushing the ps3 to achieve those high quality graphics? WOW...

andyo133318d ago

theres something i just don't enjoy about final fantasy 12. i love final fantasy 10 though, one of my favourite games and i've racked up over 100 hours playing it. i just don't enjoy ff12, must be the mmorpg style gameplay. anyways ff13 luks gr8, im looking more forward to vs13 more. 13 just reminds me of 12 a little in some of the trailers.

CAPT IRISH3319d ago

Im not a racist, but the black guy seems out of place. He looks like he belongs in DDR

Substance3318d ago

...and why does he have to be attached to the chicken/chocobo? He does seem out of place, but the graphics look great though.

Qorious3319d ago

Beautiful! Especially the hair!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.