Hardcore Gamer: F.E.A.R. 2 Preview

It begins half an hour before the end of the original F.E.A.R.. You play as Michael Beckett, the point man of the Delta team sent to take Armachem president Genevieve Aristide into custody. Replica forces have already infiltrated her building, though, and just as you reach the roof, you're knocked off your feet by the explosion that destroyed the Origin facility.

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fr3d03375d ago

I played the demo via Qore and I really enjoyed it. I thought the graphics were pretty good despite reading they were lousy. I liked all the detail in the school, and the premonition area was well done too I thought.

They've done a really good job. Only problem I had with the Qore demo was the controls..I can't seem to fire the weapons, I can only do melee attacks, and there's no way to change the controls (and also the sound cutting out bug). But from what I played its a great game.