Bioware drops even more screens and concept art for The Old Republic

In what seems to be an attempt to release enough visual teasers for their upcoming title to fill the Louvre, Bioware just dropped another piping hot batch of screenshots and concept art for The Old Republic. Featured in this salvo are some glimpses at more of the game's interstellar environments, a few combative tableaux, a giant enemy space crab, and a jedi or two. Also, the concept art comes in the form of desktop backgrounds, so you can finally replace that old Dilbert strip that currently resides behind your icons.

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Jerk1203465d ago

They're so into the MMO.

I want some more Dragon Age info for god sakes.

I haven't played an Oblivion-like game since Oblivion.

And obviously the 360 version will be better.

The Lazy One3465d ago

is there any confirmation on multiple styles of lightsabers/lightsaber fighting styles?

duplissi3465d ago

lol i still find that funny