Pranksters Hack Into Web Site, Start Rumor Steve Jobs Died

Fox News writes, "One of the world's most trusted technology magazines last night reported that Apple chief Steve Jobs had died after going into cardiac arrest at his California home.

Except that, well, it didn't – the story was the work of pranksters who hacked into the Web site of Wired magazine and published the hoax themselves before spreading the link on social networks.

The fake story, which was taken down in less than two hours, was complete with a current timestamp, a list of related stories and appeared under the name of a writer known for publishing stories on Mr Jobs' health."

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xlx-russ_923345d ago

Steve Jobs kicks Bill GAYts ASS

lord_of_balrogs3345d ago

Really? Bill Gates' $40 billion says "hi."

mrdxpr23345d ago

soo what do u get with $40 billion a console that breaks down, a OS that is not even capable of turning on or runing its own internet browser and an mp3 player that shuts off when it wants too wow ... bil gates says hahaha april fools every year... while steve jobs say merry christmas to all and too all a good mac, ipod & iphone

Jandre023345d ago

But come on...everyone likes Bill Gates. Steve Jobs is a doucebag but I kinda came to like a little more recently too.

003345d ago

money has Steve jobs donated to charity.

Elven63345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

If it weren't for Bill Gates and Microsoft then Apple would have shut down about a decade ago.....

In the 90s Apple was on the verge of Bankruptcy so Steve Jobs had to go to Microsoft and ask for cash, they worked out a deal and Microsoft loaned him a few million to save his business, and he did just that. Funny how today Apple attacks so harshly the hand that fed it a few years back.

xlx-russ_923344d ago

i still think apple is better than MS, first of all All Apple products have low failure rate.

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Alcon3345d ago

The guy is ill, and those stupid ***** comes up with that. It's really childish and of very bad taste. Wether you like him or not, that's really not a thing you do when a person is ill. I wish Steve the best of recoveries!

mrdxpr23345d ago

angry ms fanboys angry cause they just figured out that steve jobs is the original best computer geek not bill gay ... woo cant wait to get my macbook in 3 months to acompany my imac :)

Elven63345d ago

Perhaps Linux people pissed at Jobs for essentially "stealing" their kernel and using it in OSX???? Compared to Microsoft who makes money from Apple and vice versa.....

boJABER3345d ago

Leave the man alone for gods sake

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