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Hey Circuit City, Where are all the Bargains?

PC World writes, "Bargain hunters headed to Circuit City to take advantage of the retailer's liquidation sales take heed. We checked out a closeout sale in Norwalk, Connecticut earlier this week and found once we got past the signs screaming "30 percent off" there weren't a whole lot of bargains to be had. We did find some good deals, but far fewer than we had hoped.

As you've no doubt heard, Circuit City, the nation's second largest retailer, has gone belly up.

We were hoping to find loads of great deals. While some of Circuit City's stock such as cables and wiring and DVD movies at the store we visited were marked down 30 to 20 percent, big tag items were only cut by 10 percent. Still, in this economic climate even a 10 percent off sale is welcome.

To find out just how good the deals were at Circuit City we compared prices with four other big retailers - Best Buy,, Fry's Electronics, and J&R Electronics. "

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jack who3551d ago

thats what i was asking

earwax3551d ago

They sell their good items to "liquidators" the same people who buy old furniture from Hotels

Mindboggle3551d ago

Same happened in the Uk when Woolworths had to close. They were so expensive to begin with, so even with their discounts you could still get the items cheaper elsewhere.

It was only till the last week that there were some serious deals. They were making up prices as they go along to just get rid of stock.

My mate got guitar hero world tour band set for £50, but you had to be real lucky to find the good deals or you had to fight for them, as the stock was going really fast. And on the last day there was nothing left. Even the shelves were being sold off!

Shows how much financial trouble they were in.

Seraphim3551d ago

indeed, imho the biggest problem w/ Circuit City is the fact they're extremely overpriced. Offering everything at MSRP & often times more...

A friend called looking at several items today @ CC. Everything he wanted I easily found w/in a minute for $100 or more less... Even with the sales that are going on atm there's NO deals or prices you can't find elsewhere or beat...

johover1123551d ago

i passed by Circuit City today and found nothing to be on sale, i saw sales on laptops from about 542.....big whoop!, but i did find a small surround sound setup with 4 speakers for about 50 bucks...i just finish setting it up, and tested on the PS3 demo of F.E.A.R. 2....and i must say, it is worth every penny.

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liquidbreeze3551d ago

I have been there since the beginning of the liquidation and there were no deals that were worth mentioning. Pretty much a waste of time. So funny anytime a retailer yells "sale" people go flocking and think they are getting a deal.

hotrider123551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

a sale is only to lure unknown shopper's to think they're really is a sale going on. but in reality its not a sale its a tool to get buyer's in store at normal retail price. I used to be a sales person for a major store. the only real sale is; is the last 4 days of a sale. when companies GOT!! to get rid of products.

CarnageXB3551d ago

I found an Acer netbook for $240 and the regular price is like $350. I am using it now.

Chris_GTR13551d ago

can you tell me what model it is? i might check it out.

evilmonkey5013551d ago

The retailer sells ALL inventory to liquidation company for 60% of retail value. Then for 8 - 10 weeks they sell items at a small discount. 10% off each week eg: 3rd week 30% ,5th week 50% etc. Most of the good stuff is sold by the second week. people read "sale" and they go buy like sheep. If you shop online you can already beat these deals to begin with. The only chance you'll find something good is if someone hid something and you "miraculously" find it ...good luck.

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The story is too old to be commented.