Killzone 2 May Struggle

This article is not, in any way, bashing Killzone 2's quality or potential epic status as a game. There is no question that Killzone 2 will be one of the biggest releases this generation has seen thus far. Given the trend of media geared toward negative PS3 news, it will be easy to connect Killzone 2's sales as a measurement to its quality. As most gamers know, sales and quality are not completely related to each other. Killzone 2 is another high quality title. However, there is evidence that Killzone 2 will struggle in sales. Here's why.

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Alcaponeyou3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I played the Resistance 2 beta and enjoyed it but didn't buy the game.
Killzone 2 on the other hand, I already pre-ordered it without being in the beta.

lociefer3403d ago

well u no , n4g would never allow too many positive ps3 news , some1 has to bring smthin up to make fanboys happy , sales/lack of games/ps3 is dying . etc

Agent VX3403d ago

OK, so the dude makes a couple of valid points about North Americans historically liking shooters more than Japanese and Europeans, smaller user base in North America, and the possibility that KZ2 "Might" struggle to sell awesome figures. And now all of a sudden it has to be turned into some PS3 bashing???

Come on folks, he makes some "Possible" valid points and I agree with his assessment. And KZ2 better sell 4 million plus or this title flops. This is Sony's last hope until GT 5 and GOW 3. It better sell fantastic.

Blaze9293403d ago

Same, i played the R2 beta but just never got around to buying the game and dont think I ever will. As for Killzone 2, this is an obvious article just to get hits. Will it struggle with sales? Who knows, none of us are physic

Jamegohanssj53403d ago

Sony really needs to starts advertising now. The only game they did good advertising with was MGS4. I saw commercials starting from the last week of May all the way until like October.


lociefer3403d ago

*And KZ2 better sell 4 million plus or this title flops. This is Sony's last hope until GT 5 and GOW 3* thts the kinda fanboy behaviour i was talkin about, thnx for makin it easier

Karum3403d ago

"And KZ2 better sell 4 million plus or this title flops."

You're an idiot. I've already -bubbled you once today or I'd do it again just for this dumb comment.

In fact for the first time I was tempted to make another account just to -bubble you some more but I won't bother, they'll disappear soon enough.

Anon19743403d ago

It's a simple fact that the PS3 is selling faster than the 360 did, and by quite a bit. 17 million by it's 2 year anniversary when the 360 only did 13 million. Obviously consumers get it.

That being said, I've said many times before that anyone expecting stellar Killzone 2 numbers is setting themselves up for disappointment. That's not how the PS3 works and sales figures show PS3 owners have more varied tastes. Killzone 2 will do just fine. By contrast the 360 has some 13 million users across the US, and the US love their first person shooters. The PS3 has 7 million US users, the other 12 million console owners live in Europe and Japan and, quite frankly, they game differently.

I expect Killzone 2 to be amazing, but don't expect it to do much better than Resistance 2 out of the gate. And there's nothing wrong with that. Hopefully this will make America turn it's head and realize they don't have to deal with shoddy hardware to get their shooter fix.

MasFlowKiller3403d ago

This article has some valid points but here are some better point

Killzone 2 #1 Pre-Order on

PS3 exclusive Killzone 2 hits #2 on Amazon's pre-order list

and the fact that i been to over 7 gamespot and cant seen to find one single demo code

ChampIDC3403d ago

Well, if the hype flying around this site is any indication, I think the game will be just fine. I don't believe I've seen this many articles about a single game ever. Thinking of that subject, if somebody can recall a game that got more online media attention, please, let me know. I'm really curious now that I thought of that. The closest I can think of would be maybe Halo 3, and I don't think it tops it.

callahan093403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Agent VX, don't be silly. Anybody who says that a game needs to sell 4 million to not be a flop is just being ridiculous. 4 million is what a game needs to sell in order to be considered EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL, not "not a flop." Look, PS2 has over 120 million units out in the wild, and do you know how many copies a game needs to sell to make the Greatest Hits list? 400,000. That is considered a very successful game. So why does Killzone 2 need to sell 10 times that, on a system with less than 1/5th of the installed base, in order to be considered "not a flop"?

And anybody who thinks that Killzone 2 will only sell well in America is in for a surprise. It will do very, very well in Europe.

The game is topping the charts of GameStop, Amazon, and plenty of other online retailers, American and European alike. If that's not evidence that people are excited to give up their money to play this game, then I don't know what else to say.

Anon19743403d ago

Do you have any idea how rare it is for any game to break the 1 million mark, let alone 4 million? Agent VX is simply being unrealistic. So far even on the 360, which most consider a success, only 5% of games ever broke the 2 million mark.

QuackPot3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

And getting the tin case as well. Hoorah.

Never played the Beta but seen enough gameplay to conclude KZ2 rock....mainly the MP. And if they bring in a patch for MP vehicles then I may finally said Goodbye to my fav MP, Warhawk.

Sales will be good not spectacular due to the type of game it is AND the pickiness and diverse tastes of the Ps3 user base - not full on hardcore shooter fans like the 360.

I just hope GG/Sony make a decent profit from it so that they'll bring us KZ3....which will be a masterpiece seeing that KZ2 improved exponentially over KZ1.

Lifendz3403d ago

It just went gold, it's number 2 on Amazon's preorder game chart, number one on and Gamestop, and yet it might struggle? Oh puh leeze. The damage control is in full effect and the game is still a month away!

3403d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3403d ago

Agent VX is making a reasonable point, yet he get so many disagrees from Sony fanboys. Sony hasn't proven to me that it will sell FPS games and if anything Resistance 2 sales proved the opposite.

I will be buying KillZone 2, but I'm not delusional and frankly it doesn't really matter. I own all three consoles....

Mozilla893403d ago

I don't expect this to sell a million in a week. But I do expect it to get there much faster than R2 or LBP, maybe even MGS4. For some reason PS3 owners tend to buy games later and not on day 1. However if there is any game that could cause many PS3 gamers to buy it week 1, its Killzone.

jetlian3403d ago

ps2 games only needed 400,000 to make greatest hits but you also have to take account that games last gen didn't cost over 10 million to make!! let alone 60 million. the 4 million is a little steep tho

jammy_703402d ago

2 on amazon and 1 on

its selling bette than that crappy new halo for christ sake!!!

so its doing well so far

godofthunder103402d ago

I agree killzone 2 looks like it will be a great game.If it was on the 360 i would buy it.This article have things in it that's isn't true.He didn't come right out and say it but he'a trying to say that the ps3 gets more negative news then the 360 and that is why the sales are low.The fact is that it's the opposite way.On every news chanel,electronoc magazines,and online had a report about how the 360 isn't dependable and how people was sending them back.On the other hand the ps3 NEVER had a negative report in the news.The fact is that the 360 had the hardware negative news and the ps3 never had any.The only bad news i ever seen or read about the ps3 was how much money sony is looseing on the ps3 and that was it.I'm also tired of hearing the reason the ps3 system and games isn't selling is because sony doesn't advertise good enough.The fact is that sony advertise just as much as microsoft.When LBP first came out it was on the cover of every game magazine and i've seen more comercials for it then any 360 games.The reason that LBP wasn't a big of a hit like sony hoped was because it's a childs game.I admit i would buy R 1&2 and KZ2 if they were on the 360.I would never buy a childish game like LBP even if it was a 360 exclusives,if it was i would say the same thing about it because it's the truth.If it was on the wii it would have been one of the biggest sellers of the year.The fact is that every one that ever played a game on a system heard of the ps.They also know what games are out.I don't have a ps3 and i'm not planeing on buying one but i know every game that's coming out on the ps3.When a person go buy a game 99% of the time they look at every game that on every system to see what they have.I also seen just as many comercials on tv as i've seen 360 comercials.The fact is that i'm tired of hearing every ps3 fanboys and 360 fanboys make excuses for the systems they have.They make excuses when a game doesn't sell a lot it's because of advertiseing or some other stupid escuse.The fact is that things are changing.The ps never had any competition till the xbox came out.people never had a choice they had to buy a ps if they wanted to play games for grownups.The ps will never dominate the game market any more because they finaly found a company that stuck with their hardware untill it started makeing a profit,Microsoft stuck with the xbox untill it started makeing a profit on the 360 this year.A lot of people are buying the 360 because they like it a lot more then the ps3 and that's a fact.It's not because they are to poor to buy a ps3 like 1 stupid ps3 fanboy said.I bought a 360 and i know other people that bought the elite 360 and they could have bought a ps3 but they didn't.Just because a person buy a 360 it isn't because they are to poor it's because they like the 360 more.Hell if the 360 was higher then the ps3 i would still buy the 360.I know that ps3 fans would still buy the ps3 if it was cheaper.I had 1 friend that bought a ps3 but when he played gears or war 2 and fable 2 he bought the ps3 back to wallmart and got a 360.

Its bias people like him that try to make it look like the ps3 get the negative news then the 360 and that is why the 360 is selling more then the ps3.the fact is that the 360 is still outselling the ps3 even when it has all the negative news.Ps3 fanboys(not fans)should stop saying the reason that the 360 is selling is because people that bought the 360 are to poor to buy a ps3.The fact is that not every one like the ps3 more then the 360.I think that the ps3 is a good system but i personaly like the 360 a lot more.I like xbox live more and it has just about the same games + the exclusives are better to me.I'm not saying that the exclusive are better and it's a fact.The fact is that exclusives are better to some people on the 360 and some on the ps3.

xwabbit3402d ago

lol i didn't buy Resistance 2 for the single player. The multi-player is freaking awesome and i though it would lag cus it had 60 players online but wow :/ i was rlly proven wrong. Buy Resistance 2 for the multi-player, its freaking awesome and addictive! But in killzone 2 i will OBVIOUSLY play the single player.

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Kain813403d ago

My people, sons and daughters of Sony. This much I vow.The history of this console generation will be written in blood.By crushing the fanboys of our enemy. By releasing the best game in the genre they thought to use against us.. we are fighting for our consoles very existence.But if there are those who want to deny us enjoyment. Refuse us our rightful place in this console generation. Then we will unleash such a terribly awesome FPS that generations of xbros yet unborn will cry out in anguish!


The enemy may shatter our sales but they can not break our spirit. Even now they advance on our metacritic gamesections to troll by force what they cannot claim by right. They cannot imagine what awaits them.WE WILL SMITE THE XBROS WITH THIS GAME.Though they sweep over our forums like the trolls of summer vacation. Never again will we be trolled by them; Never again endure their jealousy; Never again endure their lies and oppression. We will enjoy ourselves for hours without caring; playing as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares. Drenching our ancestors PS2's with their blood.And as our last breath tears at their lungs; as they try to rise again from the ruins of their RROD:ed consoles......they will know, Killzone 2 belongs to the Playstation 3.

Blademask3403d ago

so perfect for the role. imdb em if ya don't know who he is.



wow, some people really do take this fanboy war to another level !

Snow3403d ago

Give that man bubbles ! Alot of effort went into that.
I've watched that Killzone 2 intro at least 20 times now.

So i too know it word for word.It was very clever how you did that :P

Bob Dole3403d ago

That was deep man... Bob Dole thinks you should pass him the doobie.

Helghast Slayer3403d ago

That was legendary man lol.

OrganicMachine3403d ago

not this again.. haha

incase you n00bz and hothedz didn't know.. he took Visari (Killzone 2's version of hitler) speech and modified it..

it's just a joke and a very funny one.. I laugh because this is how fanboys act behind their keyboards..

Lombax3402d ago

but hey,
pass that doobie this way!

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Killzone 2 isn't exactly another basic shooter. I think it will defy the odds but the author has a point.

rogimusprime3403d ago

how is this even news. we all know the game is going to sell well. recession or not. I am going to get this game. I have both xbox and PS3 and not really a fanboy, just love good games. This game is going to be [email protected]$$...but this hype is just getting ridiculous.

bmatthews3403d ago

KZ2 topping pre-order sales and attaining a huge #2 in Amazon top pre-ordered games list says no.


I've seen big titles on PS3 hit #1 on Amazon before. It doesn't necessarily mean it won't struggle.

smurfie43403d ago

People seem to forget that there is a world outside of USA. I can admit that I'm a little skeptical regarding the advertising but its not exactly february yet. The marketing team may have some surpises up their sleeve but we will have to see.

Mr_Zkaar3403d ago

Way too much focus on the US by allot of people including Sony, like the EU is f*ck all. If you look at the hard facts, the 360 is loosing it's grip in the EU compared to PS3 and well Japan, it's game over for Xbox.

Kilzone 2 will sell very well, it's one of those monumental moments in gaming history, Killzone 2 is truly next-gen and PS3 Owners will want a piece of that, i know i will..