Eurogamer :Japanese charts: PS3 closing in on Wii

New releases Fallout 3 and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm have helped the PS3 narrow the sales gap with Wii across Japan.

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ChickeyCantor3492d ago

And then there will be DQ wii and it will be turned around
and it will keep going like that untill hell freezes over.

LarVanian3492d ago

What do you think will happen when Demon's Souls and Yakuza 3 come out on PS3? (Both are due in Febuary)

Raoh3492d ago

Demon's Soul is coming out that soon in japan? didnt know that. any mention on target U.S. release date?

LarVanian3492d ago

Demon's Souls probably won't be out in US/Europe until Q3/Q4 2009.

MisterNiwa3492d ago

Well the Asia Version is also to be released soon, and the Asia Version is complete in English, well i dont know bout the Voice Acting, but i guess that doesnt matter, since everything is written in english. :)

eagle213492d ago

SO4 (feb. 19) will struggle to top the JP charts. Also the FF Advent Children PS3 bundle is #1 overall amazon JP! March ftw! Go see. :)

oohWii3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I would hardly call this closing in on the wii.

Edit: @Prototype (Below)

Only you mentioned NPD.

Only you mentioned the 360

Only you appear to be calling out for a flame.

Only you appear to be insecure.

gaffyh3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Damn man Japan is getting soo many games in the next couple of months.

Also on topic - PS3 isn't really closing in on the Wii, more like the Wii is losing sales (cos 20k PS3 sales are not that high, by that I mean they have been higher in the past)

IdleLeeSiuLung3492d ago

Wow, pretty impressive of Sony! They have about 1/3 of the sales over there, Wii has half and MS has a 1/6. I'm glad the Wii is getting some competition!!! [email protected] Wii!

ChickeyCantor3492d ago


Like i said it will be turned around, and again and again and again.

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Gambit073492d ago

Good showing for the PS3.

interrergator3492d ago

wats awsome they havent even made a price cut

PotNoodle3492d ago

But the PS3 is slightly cheaper over there anyway, compared to the rest of the world.

Ryudo3492d ago

Not that am hoping the Wii keeps selling I think its one of the devils little spawns. But seriously how does the Wii selling 33k and the PS3 selling 20K weekly mean its catching up? Do the maths people the Wii is only gaining a bigger lead.

When the PS3 starts selling more weekly then the Wii then it starts catching up until then its dragging more and more behind...

IdleLeeSiuLung3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Proud to be a 40GB MGS4 LE owner (that I massively overpaid for) and looking for a PS2 on the cheap!

edit: this was intended for the thread below started by prototype. Wierd how sometimes my votes go into the wrong person and posting aren't always posting to correct threads.... reposting below.

Mini Mario3491d ago

"wats awsome they havent even made a price cut"

yeh the wii hasnt made a price cut, your right.

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LeGenDx3492d ago

the wii sold that many
am i like the only one or something?

Obama3492d ago

why do so many 360 owners hate the Japanese?

Kamikaze1353492d ago

Because 360 sales are doing terribly in Japan and there's nothing else for fanboys to do.

BLUR1113492d ago

Japan is not the only part of asia

Japan is hated by a lot of different countries

and 360/PS3 owners laugh at fools like you Obama.

Obama3492d ago

That's what I thought. And blur111 reaffirms my belief that some of the 360 owners don't like the Japanese - hence why they have a deep hatred towards the ps3.

dukadork23492d ago

xb!tches: time to come out of the closet

BLUR1113492d ago

Ohhh is everyone from japan here???

Obama3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I think Blur111 misses the point. We ps3 owners didn't pick the ps3 because of race and color, but of its stability and excellent games.

I am not sure if the same can be said for some of u 360 fanboys here.

Shane Kim3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Actually, I bought a PS3 so I would be able to play my games without having kids like Blur!!1eleven!11 crying in the mic while playing games.

dukadork23492d ago

just like for my gaming gear, i only vote for the very best.

baboons who don't realize in 2009 that all consoles are made of hardware and software coming from all over the world make me laugh as long as they stay on XBL: XENOPHOBIC BABOONS LIVE

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Le Idiotce3492d ago

Aaron greenberg told me that PS3 died in Japan?