Gears of War film to be 'harder edged Lord of the Rings'

It goes without saying that videogame-to-movie adaptations rarely ever deliver what gamers want. But considering Epic's Gears of War already plays out like an interactive, wild f**king action movie, Destructoid is cautiously optimistic about seeing the game on screen.

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tako20003402d ago

LMAO, Gears' story is no where near the level of LOTR...

"Harder edged LOTR"? In your wet dream my friend

lociefer3402d ago

to begin with, the game's story is seriously weak, + all the movie cant just be about shootin locusts, i say invest the money on another multi-billion dlc exclusive, leave the good story games (mgs4, uncharted, maybe halo) for that kinda cinema action

Mozilla893402d ago

Has there ever been a great video game movie? I can't think of any of the top of my head.

ThanatosDMC3402d ago

It might work if they dont go with the game's story and go to a more darker idea of gears instead of all that run and gun.

Chris3993402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Gears was a decent GAME. Not an epic. Not a moving, philanthropic drama that appealed to almost all ages, races, creeds. The only thing that they have in common is that they were both pretty to look at. And the scope and detail of LOTR trumps that by far.

People set themselves up for failure and ridicule when they aim for results that they can never achieve.

P.S. Len Wiseman's work:

"Live Free or Die Hard" and the "Underworld" series. Good movies, but nothing in this pedigree suggests Oscar-winning epic.

gaffyh3402d ago

I'm not going to get my hopes up for this movie, the game itself has a bad story, so the movie will mostly likely have a bad story too. But we'll see...

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Cartesian3D3402d ago

someone plz tell me they are joking..

may be Warcraft movie will be sth like that,the movie needs S t o r y .

I know everthing about aliens(what they like to eat or wear,what is their height or weight,I know everything), we have enough movie about Zombies and Aliens..

Unicron3402d ago

No. Just no. Gears has shallow and cliche characters and a mundane plot. Gears is about the action, the events, the thrill ride, NOT the characters. Gears is the equivalent of a kickass summer popcorn movie like Transformers. Good action, iffy humor, great BluRay showpiece.

Do NOT insult LOTR by comparing the two, it only shows how little you know. Oh it's Destructoid... LOL.

weezy123402d ago

unicorn what are you talking about? the storyline of gears already goes far beyond not only lord of the rings but also star wars and Indiana jones. in terms of story telling it goes Cliffy B Lucas Spielberg and all the other bums... Cliffy B for president in 2012! proof of the better story telling is gears 2 sold more than force unleased end of discussion....;)

The Judderman3402d ago

True. I love lord of the rings but i wouldn't say the story is amazing. Frodo gets ring, crosses morder, throws it in mountain. Its a simple genric hero story told countless times in films like star wars, merlin, and others. But the movies were well made.
As for gears i would just like it to be gritty,adult, and badass.

Mozilla893402d ago

There is a ridiculous amount of themes, motifs, and allusions to different things in LOTR especially the books.

xlx-russ_923402d ago

Gears of War movie lol, it would be Max Payne movie v.2.0, but the difference is that Max Payne games atleast have, 100% FLOP

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