Achieving the Unachievable

TrueGameHeadz writes:
"All different kinds of arguments have been made both for and against global in-game merit systems (i.e. Xbox's Achievements or PS3's Trophies). I don't think they will go away anytime soon and, personally, I sorta like them, but, their continued success all boils down to their design quality. Some of them are both fun and interesting and others are just plain stupid. A few enthusiast have taken it upon themselves to write-up a few guidelines for designing better..."

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Kushan3466d ago

Not really much substance to this article, it can basically be summed up as "Achievements - some people love them, some people hate them. I don't mind them, but some are really hard to get".

Blaze9293466d ago

Some developers really need to be smacked in the face for the achievements they sometimes come up with like seriously? Gears of War 2's 100k achievement is clearly an attempt to keep gamers playing Gears of War 2 for as long as possible, no duh.

Btw i completed Mile High Club on veteran :D. 1000/1000 in cod4 baby! haha

outlawlife3466d ago

the seriously achievement isn't that difficult, i know a few people who have it already

the original seriously achievement was much harder but people hade it withing a few months

just because an achievment seems unreachable doesn't mean it has any less right to be there, challenging achievements are much more exciting to get than things like "finish the tutorials" or the classic "wtach the credits"

i just play the game to play the game and collect what i get along the way, i know some people obsess over their gamerscores but to me it really doesn't matter