Super Retroid: Final Fantasy VII

Is Final Fantasy VII the greatest Final Fantasy game of all time? If not, then at the very least it was a genre- and industry-changer.

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cain1413493d ago

Fun times... Fun fun times... Where'd I put those dics...

SaiyanFury3493d ago

I won't sit here and say that FF7 was the best. Personally, I enjoyed FF8 and FF12 the most, but FF7 is right up there with there with the best made. FF6 also ranks very well. I didn't care for FFXI and I thought that FFX was subpar. They removed the exploration of a world map and the game was nearly completely linear with no room for real exploration. A few of the characters were as annoying as hell, and blitzball just plain sucked. FFX2 leading off of FFX wasn't great either. FF7 was a breakthrough game, though and was the single one that brought a great many people into the genre for the first time. Best FF ever? Arguable. One of the best FFs? Unarguable.

littletad3493d ago

Don't understand how some can call FF12 among the best. The story had little character development, and less reasoning as to why their destinies are all connected. I also always hear that if you played FF8 before 7, your likely to like the former more.

andyo133493d ago

is one of my favourites, i loved the music that set the creepy mood when sephi found out who he really was, and when you fall down into the church it has that incredibly peacful music. the graphics looked amazing and really set the grundgy feeling of midgar.

gaffyh3493d ago

@littletad - Yeah I played FF8 before FF7, and I prefer FF8.

kevnb3493d ago

there is much more to video games then story, a video game doesnt even need a good story to be great.

SaiyanFury3493d ago

FFXII didn't have great character development story-wise, but it did have great character expansion. I loved FFXII and it's freedom of exploration. Something that modern FF games have to utilize. FFXII was about exploration and I guess some people don't get that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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Homicide3493d ago

It's not the best JRPG, let alone the best FF ever. The most popular yes. Final Fantasy VI, IV and IX are better.

Sheddi3493d ago

I respectfully disagree with u.
To me FF7 is the best RPG.

Ryudo3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Sorry dude but Final Fantasy 9 was terrible. I dunno in what order you played them in but yes 9 has aged better. But even comparing it to 7 would be a joke am not even sure it started its life as a Final Fantasy game. Its most likely a game that got re-branded Final Fantasy mid development.

I wouldn't say any Final Fantasy game touches on 7s greatness expect for possibly 8. Although there are better role-playing games out there that's just simply down to personal preference. And as a general public opinion which is really all that matters 7 is the best role-playing game.

Anyone saying Final Fantasy 6 is better then 7 is just trying to act retro. Sorry but if you forced everyone in the world to play 6 and 7 95 percent of them would come back preferring 7. Yeah 6 could have a better story but there production values are on a completely different level.

7 makes every other Final Fantasy game look like square's forgotten little child.

Jerk1203493d ago

RETRO? Have you even played FF6?

And FF7's greatness? It wasn't that good. It's overrated.

The only good thing FF7 had was Aeriths death but that's about it.

Marceles3493d ago

RPGs these days owe alot to 7, you can't argue the influence it has had. FF7 deserves everything it has gotten and not in anyway overrated. Everything about the game was great: story, music, gameplay, unforgettable characters, FMVs, great was just top-notch.

ChampIDC3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

FF7 is indeed overrated, but it's still an excellent game. The best thing about FF7 is that it truly brought the series mainstream in the West. My personal favorite is FF6. I think most fans of the series that have been with it from its beginnings pick 6. Just about everyone else picks 7. It seems to be the norm from what I've seen. The series has really gone downhill since then, eh? I did love FF8, even though lots of people didn't.

littletad3493d ago

How so? There's backstory, amazing character development, and a plot that's still influencing how we look at stories in games. Then you combine that with deep gameplay, plenty of side quest/sub-bosses and you have one of the most complete RPG's of all time.

Homicide, Final Fantasy 9 is actually my favorite FF. I don't think it's story is better than 7 or 8, but it's so much more engaging do to it's fantasy elements. Haven't played 6 yet, so I'll give it a try.

vudu3493d ago

I totally agree. 6 is my favorite in the series.

Homicide3493d ago

Heh, I knew I was going to get lots of disagrees. Here's the order of the FFs I've played: VII, VIII, IX, V, VI, X, XII, I, II and lastly IV. I haven't played III and well XI is an MMO. They're not my thing.

Yes FFVII was the first Final Fantasy I played, and I would rank it in the lower 5. I'm a rare breed.

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ihaten4glol3493d ago

Some of my fondest memories are of playing this game.

INehalemEXI3493d ago

FF7 is the most memorable FF to me and therefore the greatest IMO. FF8 is a close second.

cain1413493d ago

I'm fine with just getting a new one soon lol...

Bob Dole3493d ago

They should just release it on the PSN. F*ck a remake that would take too long. How big would the file be, 1.5gigs? Do you have to install PSone games when you download them?

ChampIDC3493d ago

I want to see a HD remake of FF6. God that could be awesome. It's by far the most compelling FF story in my books. I'd also openly welcome a FF7 remake, but FF6 is on the top of my list.

Prototype3493d ago

I do like 6 the best of all FF games, however 7 (with help of Residen Evil 2 and Metal Gear Solid) did introduce me to PlayStation, my social-life killer :D

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