Operation Sports: MLB '09: The Show Preview

A lot of The Show's charm comes from its ability to surprise you even after you have played it for 30 hours. Whether it is a new cut-scene you have never witnessed before or a new fielding animation that suddenly pops up for the first time, those are the moments when many gamers really appreciate The Show as a franchise. And that is why it is kind of tough to size up MLB 09: The Show (and most other baseball games) in preview form.

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Man , what a month thats going to be Feb 27 killzone and March 3rd mlb the show 09...This is what i mean folks too many exclusive at the same time . I have to sell my kidneys now to get both .

Well killzone 2 is already paid for ....I hope the steelers win by 7 man in the the superbowl. so I don't have to sell my kidneys for the show .Cause I am defitnitely getting the show 09 on day 1 to .