Games for Lunch Review: GTI Club+: Rally Cote D'Azur

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I have no idea what the GTI Club is, nor why it should be increased by a plus sign. I do know what Cote D'Azur is, at least. Anyway, Twitter follower and Konami employee James Wong offered me a download code for the game, so I figure it's at least worth a quick spin.

0:01 The camera pans past some relatively plain and empty-looking streets as a peppy number plays over the title. Everything looks kind of basic compared to the super-detailed courses of a Gran Turismo or Midnight Club. Still, a nice, clean look.

0:03 Apparently I can hook up the PlayStation Eye to take Happy, Mocking, Sad and Angry pictures to send to opponents when, I assume, those emotions would apply. Er, no thanks. I'm gonna start with single-player, anyway."

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callahan093492d ago

Interesting little review. I tried the demo and had trouble winning the Easy race. Took me about 4 or 5 tries. Kind of addicting, but the game is certainly strange. I like the way the Hard course sounds, all labyrinthine and what not, with tons of paths to take. Just play the game for hours on end and figure out the optimum path to finally beat it.