Steam sale on Mount and Blade this weekend

Everybody is working for the weekend and at Valve they are working to give gamers their weekly sale of one game from their Steam service. This week the game that's selected for the treatment is the acclaimed indie historical title Mount and Blade.

This sanbox RPG from developer Tale Worlds has received lots of praise from critics since its release in 2008 and now Steam users can purchase and download the full version for just $7.50, which is 75 percent off the game's regular price.

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ChampIDC3467d ago

I tried out the demo, and I'm actually pleasantly surprised with this game. Sure, the graphics look like it's still 2003, but the gameplay is pretty fun if medieval combat is your thing. I'd say it's worth $7.50 for sure.

ThanatosDMC3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I bought it a long long time ago when it was still in the beta stages and when the infamous "Black Knights" ran around in Caldara(sp?)... but the problem they took them away!

Sucks i cant use the cd-key i got for steam...

Swarm3466d ago

@ThanatosDMC: You can use that beta code in the final version from the devs website... you prob already know this but some don't.

On Topic: True enough the graphics are pretty low-end, but the gameplay is very unique and the production values are good for a 2 person dev team. Also the mod scene for the game in huge... everything from realistic to LOTR to graphic overhauls. Well worth even the full price.

wirapuru3467d ago

Not only $7.50 is totally worth for this addictive game its dev was almost indie, it's always nice to support this kind of production. I bought yesterday and wasted half of my weekend already on it, heh

BranWheatKillah3466d ago

I really want to buy it but when I click on it on Steam it has no listed price and no option to purchase.