Things We Hate About Gaming: Collector's Editions

Steven "Genfuyung" writes:

"Collector's editions are both a gift and a curse for gamers. While some games deserve an amazing special edition (Fallout 3 and Street Fighter 4 come to mind) others such as Prey really have no reason to exist in a more costly form than the standard game. I bring this topic up because while I was at a Circuit City recently I saw collector's editions of both Prey and Assassins Creed sitting there on the shelf. Still at full price. Not going anywhere any time soon."

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Blaze9293342d ago

I swear this whole Collectors Edition frenzy came out of no where and was way out of proportion in 2008. Nearly every damn game shipped with one. Personally I just dont see the need in buying a CE unless it actually adds to the game. Dont really care for artwork or action figures really