President Obama's Gaming Analogies, Killzone 2 Intro, Madden 09 Super Bowl XLIII Predictions, and much more - The Gamer's Report

The Gamer's Report is a Youtube web episode hosted every Saturday in which the entertainer covers a week's worth of Gaming news in under 10 minutes. This week includes the following.

-Madden 09 Super Bowl Predictions

-Left 4 Dead Child Poster

-Obama's Gaming Analogies

-The Economic Meltdown (Job Losses)

-God of War III In February

-Life Size Portal Gun

-The Conduit, Then and Now

-Battlefield: Heroes Beta

-Killzone 2 Intro

I got to give him credit for cramming all that into one video. Also one thing to note is that I've been receiving emails after posting the last video about suggestions, and feedback on it, and I want to clarify that I do not make these videos. If you want to send suggestions, and feedback to him I suggest you go to his channel. Video below!

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