Off the Radar: I Am Alive (includes new details)

Console Monster writes: "After the teaser trailer shown at E3 in 2008, this looked to be one of the most promising titles of 2009. Unfortunately for us, Ubisoft have kept their cards close to their chest with this one and very little details were revealed about the game. From the trailer, we managed to establish a major disaster had taken place in Chicago and that players would take control of an everyday man in order to survive.

Readers of the Official UK Xbox 360 Magazine will have noticed there was a preview of the game in Issue 43 (dated February 2009) which details the story magnificently well. In short, the name of the game's protagonist is Adam Collins, a 27 year old who is on his way to work when the earthquake, measuring at 10.3 on the Richter scale, hits..."

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micro_invader3316d ago

Wow, finally some info. It turns out it's not releasing in march, possibly even 2010.

Anyway, could anyone get some scans of the latest issue of the Official UK Xbox 360 Magazine?