Facts and Fictions behind the Killzone 2 Hype

Ravi Sinha writes: "Hype is not one weapon, but many for an illustrious company. It can be a sword for slaying the competition – "If you only need to play one FPS this year, this is the one" – or it can become a shield – "Truth be told, it's nothing new but it's still great fun".

"In the hands of the gaming world, hype has become a major cause for slander against a game. The game we're talking about is Killzone 2. Its one thing to say this game won't change the world forever; it's quite another to say it outright sucks. The purpose of this article is simply to clarify the various 'fictions' surrounding Killzone 2, and the various 'facts', which explain what's really what."

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SAiOSiN3403d ago

a total slap in the face to that one guy with the "killzone 2 cannot save the ps3" article. very informative. he he states the current nit picks and hype going against it and then proves the naysayers wrong. very good read.

tplarkin73403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Nobody is saying that KZ2 "sucks". He also didn't address the graphics or AI. There is over-the-top hype regarding them, and he didn't mention them to prove/disprove if the hype is justified.

Agent VX3403d ago

Can't wait for this game, it is looking great. But this game ain't gonna "Save" the PS3. The PS3 needs a huge price drop to be saved, a couple of exclusives is only a band aid on a foot long gash.

Blaze9293403d ago

The reality of the hype is that its purely just internet hype. Theres like 100 Killzone 2 articles a day on N4G and just K2 hype on forums from fans. Step outside and ask friends or just people about Killzone 2 and just like Little Big Planet, they will be totally clueless. That's where Sony needs to step in.

Nike3403d ago

Probably one of the weirdest things (and hence most wrong things) he said was that "MGS4 recently touched one million" if downplaying lots of other PS3 games previous to KZ2 by outright lying. Bout time some one responded to that nutjob...

LeonSKennedy4Life3403d ago

These guys are out of India. Check the "About" section.

josephat843403d ago

Seriously, this is awesome!!

Nike3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Didn't expect him of all people to defend the slander against Killzone 2. lol

Sarcasm3403d ago

I agree, it was a great article. Quite the rarity on N4G these days.

Nike3403d ago

I can just picture that scene from Basic with John Travolta where he's threatening to stick that guy's head into a propeller. "See what happens when you lie?! SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LIE?!" Good stuff.

crazyclown3403d ago

greatest game ever that's all we need to know. If you played the beta u'd know

3403d ago
mintaro3403d ago

I've played the beta, sorry to say it's faaaar from being the greatest game of all time. Really good though.

Sarcasm3403d ago

I don't know about greatest game of all time (because there's too many) but Killzone 2 could end up being one of the greatest.

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