MSXbox - Riddick Hands-on

Msxbox-World got some hands-on time with Atari's soon to be released Assault on Dark Athena and reworked Escape from Butcher Bay.

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Captain Tuttle3161d ago

Butcher Bay was such a great game.

eyeDEVOUR3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

just wish it had was the only shooter that i enjoyed on my old xbox, that is to say if you could get me away from playing socom 2 long enough to even turn on the

i thought i seen an article a few weeks ago where they had canceled butcher bay....

ShadesMoolah3161d ago

Best shooters on Xbox if not the best shooter on Xbox. Sadly it was underrated. I think it's safe to say EFBB is one of the best Movie tie in games to date.

Blaze9293161d ago

This game is being made by the same studio that made The Darkness. Now I dont know how many people actually liked The Darkness but I for one loved it. You can tell that this game follows a similar design. Im pumped