Mirror's Edge Updated To 1.01 "Mirrors Edge has been updated to 1.01. The download didn't take long. The update went live last night. So start up your game and take a long around and tell us what you discovered it might have done, while we wait on a reply from EA/DICE.

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Caxtus7503379d ago

Xbox 360 version as well? or just the PS3?

joemayo763379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

i have ps3 version but i believe the new patch added the trophies for the add-on content theres 5 or 6 more ones called u-turn, one involves gettin star rating of 75 and another rating of 90 can't remember the rest

if you go to compare trophies in xmb and pick a friend you'll see ur mirrors edge progress % down approx. 10% and if u scroll to the very bottom you'll see the new trophies however if you go to just your trophy section under [game] those trophies dont show up yet :\

TheIneffableBob3379d ago

Probably just adding back-end stuff for DLC.

JD_Shadow3379d ago

I didn't get a prompt (not yet anyway), and I was signed onto PSN when I booted the game.

According the the Alt Sources, it's supposed to fix some bugs or something, but I can't say since I never got prompted for the update.

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