PalGN: Puzzlegeddon Review

PalGN: "No, we'd never heard of Puzzlegeddon either. It's the work of indie developer Pieces Interactive and, as the title suggests, offers up fast paced puzzle action with a tasty side serving of apocalyptic doom.

Each game takes place on a planet with a seven by seven grid at the centre. Each square on the grid is either blue, green, red or yellow. Each row can be dragged left or right, each column up or down. Matching colours in groups of five or more generates a certain amount of resource of the same colour, which is deposited into reservoirs at the top of the board. Combos, such as complete horizontal lines or multiple matching colour groups, generate an increased amount of resource. As the reservoirs fill up, you gain access to a variety of offensive and defensive powers that you can use to attack the islands of other players or to fend off their attacks. Green fuels your defensive powers, red is used for missile attacks, blue is used to buff up your base and missiles, and yellow is used to disrupt other players' actions. Each colour has three levels of increasing power."

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