Sony launches 'purse-sized' laptop

Tech-savvy girls won't have to carry the load of laptop bags anymore, for Sony has launched an ultra-portable "netbook" computer that will fit in any aspiring career woman's purse. The Vaio P boasts most features found on a laptop, from a webcam and GPS to a built-in 3G modem, allowing users to go online by inserting a mobile phone sim card.

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PotNoodle3490d ago

Hi my name is sony, i love pricing myself out of the market.


ballsofsteel3490d ago

apple would be failing right now. stupid people will buy anything as long as it looks new and cool

PotNoodle3490d ago

But apple's products are "fasionable" sonys are not, i mean they can make some pretty nice looking stuff for some reason doesn't have the same appeal.

It is just like branded clothing.

player9113490d ago

There are tons of UMPC's out there. Why does this one have to be overly expensive?

anubis123490d ago

lol no other computer runs like a your logic...ehh no..

any who hope it doesn't catch fire inside a purse like those other ones.