What is the Wii good for? Now, since the release of the Wii there has been various reactions to the console, ranging from "Oh wow, amazing, motion sensors!" to "this *cough* is *cough*". So it's time to investigate the Wii - fun, or junk?

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PixlSheX3318d ago

To make your friends laugh at you.

Elimin83318d ago

uh uh uh hn What Wii isn't good for Absolutely nothing... la la la... I kid I kid... good for those who like it.

robert02673318d ago

to play mario cart racing that game is fun!!!!!

Shnazzyone3319d ago

I wish folks would read the article then post but that's asking for so much since it seems most hd gamers on N4g are barely literate. Anyhow. It's like this author wrote this article in 2006. He doesn't even seem to try to bring up more recent games that used motion controls well. Like wariowarez: smooth moves, No More Heroes, COD: WaW, MarioKart Wii these all made great use of motion controls and had great gameplay. This is a terrible article it may have a positive ending but it's like this was written by someone who does not play games on the wii but rather went from hearsay.


Mahr3319d ago

"Even with just seven games, some of you at least should see that the sports games are dominating the Wii."

Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that of the seven games cherry-picked, four were Sports games.

Look, I can draw silly conclusions based on biased samples like that too. 'House of the Dead 2/3, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Ghost Squad, Target Terror -- even from just four games, some of you at least should see that rail shooters are dominating the Wii.'

"What shocked me, was Super Smash Bros. Brawl, designed for the Wii and the Wii alone, there was no use whatsoever of motion control."

Unless you chose the option of 'not plugging in a Gamecube controller'.

"Not even to wave that little hand cursor thing about on menus. Nothing."


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The story is too old to be commented.