Nintendo DS in 2009

There had been a lot of speculation over the last few months about a next-gen DS being announced and then the DSi was unveiled. The DSi hasn't stopped the speculation over a new DS so you might start to think that quality games might be in short supply in 2009. Well you might be wrong as ExiledGamers have a selection of games that are out to impress in 2009. Follow the link to find out more.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Henry Hatsworth is a unique combination of adventure platforming action with a puzzle world. The platforming section takes place on the top DS screen while the touch screen is reserved for the puzzle section of the game. The two game worlds will work together, so if you complete a task in one it will have a positive affect on the other, i.e. if you complete a puzzle you could be rewarded with a power-up in the platforming world. To me it sounds like the perfect DS game, especiallly if it can provide a quality platforming adventure.

It is being published by EA's Casual Entertainment Label and is expected in early 2009.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

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