Top 10 games that should be films - []

Games being turned into movies has become more popular than ever. Stuff voices their opinion on 10 games they believe should be made into films.

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Israfel3495d ago

Paul Thomas Anderson ( There Will Be Blood) IS doing it.

Here's the proof;

Paul Thomas A. and the current Producer for the MGS film already worked together for Magnolia.

Also, the way the producer refuted it he said" That's ridiculous" you can't just say that unless you personally know the person involved.

3. what's the chance of a Japanese man( Konami representative) [Saito was it ?] , knowing the FULL name of Paul Thomas Anderson?

4. The original refuting article at IS NOW DELETED.

My guess is they opened their mouth too soon. But PTA is Definitely attached to it, they just didn't want us to know. Also, have a look at PTA's list of upcoming movies, NOTHING.

Yi-Long3495d ago

... Monkey Island needs to get the PIXAR-treatment!!!