Screen Digest: PS3 To Lead Through 2010, Wii 'Great Unknown'

In this exclusive report, Gamasutra talks to Screen Digest's Ed Barton, whose latest research has found that publishers will see an "increasingly difficult environment" for making returns on next-gen investments, and claimed that PlayStation 3 will hold the largest market share by 2010, with the Wii a distant third.

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Marty83704310d ago

Wii is a fad that will die down alot, then PS3 will take over.

PS360WII4310d ago

Playstation is a good gaming company that holds the attention of a lot of people. The PS3 is looking better and better the longer it's out and will start to gain speed during and after March. The 360 is very impressive with, as everyone says over and over, Live. The multiplayer and marketplace are key to it's popularity. The Wii is a great console to use as a secondary machine and for those who weren't into gaming but sees this as a chance to try it out, their main console of choice. The features on it along with the channel menu are rather pleasing to the eye and interface is nice too. Being able to use it as you News Station, Weather Station, Internet for games too (check out, and the always popular VC which seems to only get better, and the accual games that they put out on it ^.-

So obviously reading this you can tell I'm liking the Wii seeing that I wrote most about it, but have to fear for all the systems are in my house and they all get used which is why I said something nice about them all. Even if Wii is third (which I don't think will happen but I'm no professional on guessing) they still are making a good amount of money and will make another console when the other two do. So game on ^^

Icryo4310d ago

Yeah, and my dog will become president...these articles are bullsh*t!

NFS214310d ago

I didn't know that we had stupid libtards in this site!!!

techie4310d ago

The Wii will have a huge console base, which means developers can make a great profit from producing games especially for it - especially since its so much cheaper to develop for. I expect lots of great games to come out for it.

It's not just a kids console...Manhunt 2 is coming to it remember...and I don't think Manhunt would work with amazing wouldbe slightly wrong.

Ps3 will charge ahead when the prices plummit and the games come.

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The story is too old to be commented.