Are Sequels Killing New Games?

Softpedia: "Despite the fact that the gaming industry is considered by some one of the most creative types of entertainment out there, sometimes such a thing isn't true. While so far we could talk about a steady stream of new ideas and IPs (Intellectual Properties), one that Hollywood certainly seems to like as more and more game-based movies are coming out, like Max Payne or the future Uncharted, BioShock or even World of Warcraft-based ones, recently it seems that the stream is going dry."

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-GametimeUK-3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

It is a shame that sequels steal the show... But I would assume most people who are not as hardcore as us when it comes to gaming would rather spend their money on an established franchise which they know they like than taking the risk on a new game...

Luckily theres games like MGS which change the gameplay drastically every time a new game is released and makes every new game feel fresh... Heck most Final Fantasy games feel different because the way you manage your character constantly changes each game...

Then theres your typical sequels like the Tony Hawk games which just get pushed out with shoddy updates each year...

But yeah I am always willing to take the plunge into a new IP...


i agree but not all changes are good. look at GEARS OF WAR 2

gears of war was the best game to ME, and gears of war 2 was and still is dissapointing.

ALL CALL OF DUTY's REIGN! except for the 3rd one ;p

solidt123465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

There were alot of new IP's in 2008 like Dead Space, LBP, and Mirror's Edge which they all sold well but didn't get the hype that all the Sequels are getting. I just hope developers keep making them because at some point sequels get ridiculous if you don't change the game play any.

Grown Folks Talk3465d ago

People not buying new games are killing new games. People complain they want something different & then refuse to support it when it comes along. Not saying every new game is worth buying, but most people don't even give them a chance. Most devs don't have the resources to churn this stuff out if it isn't going to give them a return on their investment. It's like here in Omaha. People complain about not getting concerts & things, but whenever someone is coming to town, nobody buys tickets & people end up canceling.