EpicFail: Gamestop Employees Dress in Fat Suits; End Up Offending Humanity's Dana Vinson reports: As if walking into your local GameStop and seeing people dressed in fat suits trying to selling you video games wouldn't be a total in-your-face reminder of your own physical failings, they sent out a press release to tell everyone about their little "initiative." It's almost as if GameStop thought this would be a good idea.

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Obama3247d ago

They surely don't want to offend pp and mart!

Close_Second3247d ago

This is what can happen when someone in marketing (or a dream of being in marketing) has a great idea. Maybe MacDonalds should start using really obese people in their next line of commercials to help sell the MacFatty burger. there any lower form of life on the planet.

Pebz3247d ago

One might say that fanboys act as both marketing and lawyers for their corporate gods, hyping and defending them regardless of whether they are obviously wrong or not.

At least they only succeed at destroying their own lives, unlike real lawyers and marketing.

yog-sothot3247d ago

great post Pebz ! Bubbles for you ^_^

Parapraxis3247d ago

Wow, EPIC FAIL indeed.
That is just pathetic, whoever came up with the idea should be fired (possibly out of a cannon).

Parapraxis3247d ago

So the people disagreeing think that rediculing people with weight problems is a good thing?

pippoppow3246d ago

Don't think most people would like to be called out on any faults they may have and be ridiculed on them. Only a child would do such a thing. Funny how most people who make fun of others aren't anywhere near perfect themselves. While some may not care, what about the ones that do. Why should they put up with that kind of nonsense. @3 -Those disagrees are most likely from insensitive morons who probably think because they look like Mclovin means they are in shape and therefore superior. HAH.

Premonition3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I dont know but reading this just makes me laugh,lol i dont know why. That would be kinda strange just walking in your Gamestop and your just trying to pick up a game and some people are dressed as fat people, and your like wtf is going on in here.

Rich16313247d ago

Come on guys! Have a sense of humor. That is funny as hell!

Timesplitter143247d ago

I agree. The guy who wrote this is probably fat and can't handle the truth

MasterOne3247d ago

I used to be a weight challenged person. It is funny how folks who have never had a weight problem are so cruel. I guess being on the cover of Muscle and Fitness every month is easy work.

Timesplitter143247d ago

dude, I'm fat and I totally support what they're doing.

People are WAY too sensitive. If you're fat, you're the only one responsible and you must live with the consequences. THat's why I decided to go to gym 4 hours per week

f7897903246d ago

Tired of people blaming their weight problems on genetics and sitting there doing nothing.

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