Death to Games for Windows LIVE

2404.Org writes: "Back in September, Wired ran an editorial titled "Grand Theft Auto IV Could Save Games for Windows". Oh, the IRONY! LIVE can be attributed to many of the problems people have experienced with the plagued GTAIV, so can this atrocious software please just die already?! Not only have people had issues with GTA but also the recent behemoth RPG "Fallout 3". At one point, I thought it would be incredibly magnificent to play online with 360 users but that hope at seamless integration is long forgotten.

Instead, we are annoyed with irrelevant pop-up windows. Does anyone even use the LIVE features? We don't need multiple gaming services (example: GTA Steam version/Rockstar Social whatever/LIVE). Steam succeeded as the winning gaming services long ago and this time Microsoft, you won't be able to compete."

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xlx-russ_923408d ago

Ha-Ha. As i said before LIVE in nothing compared to Steam

Elven63408d ago

Steam is a distribution platform, a online store basically. Games for Windows Live is a service, they are two different things, I don't know why people always confuse the two when they are nothing alike.

NipGrip3408d ago

What? Steam is much more than that. It offers chat, a store, achievements, stat tracking and much more. What does Live for Windows offer that this does not?

Elven63408d ago

NipGrip: That's not me calling Steam that, Valve even refers to Steam has just that.

Caxtus7503408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

I agree that one is a service and one is technically not. However the "store" trounces the "service" in terms of userbilty and that is why there is a comparison

Steam allows a profile page, friends lists, etc.

It is basically like LIVE for the PC.

and what about Xfire? Thats even more like LIVE minus the store.

NipGrip3408d ago

Where do you pull this from?


"Steam: The Nexus of PC Gaming"

Steam: The Nexus of PC Gaming

* Instantly access your favorite games
The full Steam library and all future Steam releases are at your fingertips. After you've purchased a game, download it immediately and start playing.
* Join the Steam Community
Now it's easy to find someone to play with, meet up with friends, connect with groups with similar interests, and host and join chats, matches, and tournaments. Best of all, it's all free.
* Chat with your friends while gaming
With Steam's "Friends" service, you can talk to your friends while you play. You can also see when they're playing games and easily join the same servers together.
* Easily browse multiplayer game servers
Steam's integrated server browser makes it easy to navigate thousands of Internet game servers.
* Receive automatic game updates
Hunting for patches and downloading from unorganized web sites is so twentieth-century. On Steam, your games stay up-to-date by themselves. No hassles.
* Play your games on any PC
Once you have a Steam account, you can sign in from any PC to access your games. Your games are associated with your account, not your computer.
* Enjoy Steam-only special offers
From pre-release discounts to free-play weekends, Steam delivers what gamers value most.

Now, please again explain what Live offers different from this. Speak for yourself, you don't have to speak for Valve.

Elven63408d ago

Nip, where exactly does it say Steam is not a distribution platform? The url even begins with "store."! I don't know why your asking me to compare the two when both parties agree their services are two different things.

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Elven63408d ago

The GTA 4 problems were caused by Rockstars own DRM and horrible design decisions, not by Microsoft.

This really isn't N4G worthy, it's just a rant!

krouse933408d ago

O'rly, seems rather one sided on your part. then why don't you guys stop approving all the PS3 is d00med articles they are retarded and also rants.

Elven63408d ago

I'm sorry, I don't recall approving any doom articles for any console.

Pleth3408d ago

For all the crap I can say about M$, I will give them props when it come to 360 LIVE. Online action with COD is excellent. Being able to host rooms and boot players in Rainbow is nice, too. Having a party and not having to listen to the little preteen sh*ts scream racist slurs is wonderful. I own both consoles and love mt PS3 but Sony really needs to ramp up the online action. I pray KZ2 multiplayer is a smooth running engine.

xlx-russ_923408d ago

They Deserve it. Hope Soon will see more MS doomed articled to Counter Sony Doomed Articles.

ymbsittend3408d ago

--microsoft evidently doesn't like pc gaming
--only time you hear mentioned them together is when something doesn't work

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