How important is Killzone 2 to the PS3? - As much as Halo to Xbox?

Gamer.blorge writes:

We've already explored whether Killzone 2 can possibly live up to the inordinate amount of hype attached to it, but now comes the bigger question: Will Killzone 2 be a true system-seller for the PS3? The Wii has Wii Sports, the Xbox has Halo, and the PS3 has what?

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TrevorPhillips3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

the title is so true "How important is Killzone 2 to the PS3? - As much as Halo to Xbox?", You see ps3 fans love killzone 2 and Xbox fans love Halo and i love chicks ;)

Sarcasm3494d ago

"The Wii has Wii Sports, the Xbox has Halo, and the PS3 has what? "

Gran Turismo 5, God of War III.

TheTwelve3494d ago

Sorry, but Sony has never, ever been about one game.


masterg3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

KZ2 is not as important for the PS3 as Halo was for the Xbox.
Halo was just about the only system seller on Xbox.

As TheTwelve says. Sony is not about one game.
KZ2 will sell systems no doubt. But nothing compared to a $100 price-cut. A price-cut would flip the US 2:1 sales lead for the 360 around. Remember the PS3 dominated the 360 in the US last year until the 360 had a big price-cut.

shingo3494d ago

You are absolutely right man. You win this topic.

RemusN73494d ago

Man, I see truth in that sentence. Here you have some bubbles for it.

lociefer3494d ago

its so important that he had to write a blog about it being important or not :))))))))))

Le Idiotce3494d ago

Oh nothing spectacular. Just the BIGGEST names and franchises in gaming business...

God of war
Gran turismo (OVER 50 million copies worldwide, bigger than anything on the 360, just the demo sold 3 million copies).
Metal Gear solid
Final fantasy (Versus is still exclusive)

and more.

What does 360 has.
Gears of war 3 will be multi platform
Halo wars. Lol the fate of the entire system resting on a CONSOLE RTS. LOL I hope people see how deep the 360 has sunk. And fanboys talk as if the 360 is going to win.

Agent VX3493d ago

The Twelve - "Sorry, but Sony has never, ever been about one game."

You know, that statement worked the last two generations. But sorry sport, it ain't working this generation. Sales of the PS3 completely disagree with you, last place isn't any place a suit wants his product to be.

Not one of the console makers have "One" game, they all have many exclusives. If anything, the Wii kills the 360 and PS3 in "Exclusives", and 99% of them I wouldn't bother taking for free.

I think people want something different then the same "Exclusives" SOny has be pumping out for 2 generations. I think people don't want to break the bank buying a PS3 either.

GT 5, GOW 3 and KZ 2 will not save the PS3, it will help move some systems. Sony really really needs a huge price cut, and sooner the better.

I also hate to bring up the fact is that developers go where the money is, and it sure ain't Sony this generation. Point being made is that the 360 and Wii will greatly benefit from the PS3 being in last place. Just look at all the defections, like Final Fantasy for example. Sony's list of "Exclusives" is quickly being torn away.

duplissi3493d ago

-twelve yeah your right the ps3 isnt about one game, but several. but how many people know about them that arent avid gamers or ps3 owners?
it might be good for sony if they had one big game associated with the ps3 that the uniformed masses latch onto.

i personally dont care as i will get all the good games regardless of percieved status

TheTwelve3493d ago

Agent, let's wait until this generation is actually over before we claim what works or not, sport. Sony will continue to use their old strategy of providing multiple quality exclusives of a variety of genres until that strategy fails them... if that would happen.


UltimateIdiot9113493d ago

Sales on the PS3 shouldn't concern you unless you're a shareholder of Sony.

No, PS3 owners do not look forward to just exclusive on games from 2 generation ago. You're forgetting about LBP (sold pretty well), and Uncharted 2.

Sony knows that third parties need to survive and that they can keep pouring money into these third party games but it will only be a matter of time before they lose exclusivity. Why pour money into a ticking time bomb instead of investing into first party and second party games where exclusivity is certain. I mean, all MS has been doing is buying out third party to make multiplatforms and exclusive DLC instead they could have invested more money into first party. Ensemble will probably still be around today if MS didn't spend their money on FFXIII, GTA4, Tekken and other titles to go multi/time exclusive.

The price cut will come, don't worry about it.

soxfan20053493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I love reading what PS3 fanboys say about the 360 price cut. "PS3 was winning until 360 dropped it's price". As if to suggest that PS3 would have won 2008 if MS had not dropped the 360's price. Well, lets look at 2009 then. Let's assume Sony drops the PS3 price, and it begins outselling the 360 month by month. 360 fans will simply shrug their shoulders and repeat the PS3 fanboy excuse in reverse - "360 was ahead until Sony dropped it's price". PS3 taking the lead after a price drop will mean no more to the console race than 360 taking the lead after a price drop. You can't have it both ways.

Also, @1.7 - What does 360 have? First of all, you listed PS3 exclusives that are already out, while listing only a few upcoming 360 exclusives. Hardly a fair comparison. If you want to be fair, and I'm guessing you are trying not to be, why don't you list all the 360 exclusives that came out during the same timeframe of the PS3 games you mentioned. PS3 had some great games, and so did 360. You could actualy make a very valid arguement in favor of PS3 just by being fair about it.

gaffyh3493d ago

Simply No, Sony platforms never rely on one game and I think the lineup for 2009 and 2010 kinda prove that.

Lifendz3493d ago

EA, Taketwo, and Ubi have all stated their biggest earner (pardon the rough phrase) is the PS3. Blu-ray just had the biggest december ever and is doing better than DVD did in year two. PSN is constantly improving, dedicated servers, and it's still free. And God of War, Heavy Rain, GT5, etc are all slated for an 09 release.

KZ2 is big, but it's not crucial. Sony has always probided a diverse library of games and this gen is no different. How scared is MS of KZ2 is the question.

soxfan20053493d ago

Just as Sony has never been about one game, MS will never be scared of just one game. 360 has it's own diverse lineup of exclusives, just like PS3.

BattleAxe3493d ago

Killzone 2 is about as important as MGS4, and maybe a bit more.

Key Sony IPs:

Killzone 2
Gran Turismo 5
God of War 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
SOCOM: US Navy Seals
(Confrontation is the only one that they have screwed up)

masterg3493d ago


You're missing the point.
You cant do price-cuts forever. The closer to the minimum you get the less effect the price-cut has (around $100).
The PS3 dominated the 360 with a bigger price. But the 360 cut to $200 made the PS3 twice as expensive and moving the sales to the 360.

Sure MS can cut prices again. But how much. $20. $50. The effect will be way less than their cut last year.
Sony has two good cuts left if you ask me. $300 and $200. The first one I think we will see shortly and the second one will probably take a couple of years. MS has used theirs, wisely I might add, but another $100 cut is impossible.

andyo133493d ago

kept at pace. microsoft released everything they had at once. so they bought ps3 exclusives only to make them multiplat. remember how 360 had all the great exclusives? ps3 had nothing. well personally i thought it had great games like risistance and motorstorm. but just like sony promised to us, all the best stuff comes to those who wait. now 360 has run out of puff, hoping that that first burst into the front of the race would win it for them. but like sony said, slow and steady wins the race. well sony's not only going at its own pace its racing past at the speed of light. expect it to sell as well as the ps2 or near that through its lifetime :)

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Hiruma Youchi3494d ago

Will killzone become as Important to the PS3 as Halo for the Xbox? much better.

LightningPS3PS33494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Does XBOX 360 really have Halo?

It's not about a 1 trick pony anymore. It's really not. XBOX 360 is selling because it has so many great games. Gears of War, Fable, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy now also. Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Fallout, Oblivion, Left 4 Dead, Bioshock, Rockband, Madden, Guitar Hero, and many many more. Just about all the third parties. The list goes on and on, I mean be real people.

The time for saying XBOX is a 1 game console is long long gone. Halo 3 came out and boosted sales of XBOX 360 for a couple of months and that's it. Same with Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3.

It's not about Killzone or Halo or any single franchise. It's really about this being a generation where so many of the major games are on both Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. And the fact the XBOX 360 is the obvious choice for people looking for games because it's so much more affordable. It's about that simple.

when PS3 got a price cut and got closer to XBOX 360 in price, the PS3 started selling better, you remember the sales the first half of this year?

Then when XBOX 360 got a price cut and made itself way more affordable than PS3 again, then the PS3 starting getting in trouble again.

I mean, you see that? You see that pattern? To me, it's pretty easy to see which way the wind is blowing. Why do so many people, make it so complicating and use pointless fanboy terms like Halo killer and Mario Killer, and GTA Killer? It's just pointless crap.

Killzone 2 if it delivers will move some PS3 consoles, but with the price differences of the consoles, Sony is still pissing against the wind. Great games that could of propelled the PS3 past the XBOX 360 will now only serve to keep the PS3 alive.

The bottom line always comes down to the same thing, Sony is just killing the PS3 with this price.

MURKERR3494d ago

to say if killzone delivers considering its garnered a few 9s already is a silly thing to say,killzone has DELIVERED people need to except that

Sarcasm3494d ago

It's starting to make sense.

LightningPS3PS3 = Silogon

One post he's a 360 fanboy. The next one he's a PS3 fanboy. And all of his posts are stupid.

Definitely Silogon.


Halo and price cuts...keep 360 afloat...In time ps3 will see a boom because it's a playstation and the wii will be in second

Karum3494d ago

The PS3 has most of those games and a whole hell of a lot more.

The 360 is selling because it's dirt cheap, this is proven by monthly sales figures up until the 360 price drop.

cherrypie3494d ago

@ murkeer:

"killzone delivers considering its garnered a few 9s already is a silly thing to say,killzone has DELIVERED "

Every review has been from inside-Sony writers. Haze **also** tried to pull the same thing, pump the early reviews for comments just like yours.

Dont be a sucker.

dazzalfc3494d ago

"@ murkeer:

"killzone delivers considering its garnered a few 9s already is a silly thing to say,killzone has DELIVERED "

Every review has been from inside-Sony writers. Haze **also** tried to pull the same thing, pump the early reviews for comments just like yours.

Dont be a sucker. "

Ah, you mean the Haze in which the 'Official Playstation Magazine' gave it a score of 6?

Yeah, they're guilty of doing the exact same thing aren't they [/sarcasm]

I'd personally say Kilzone has hugely delivered so far, i've been very impressed :)

JD_Shadow3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Mass Effect & Dead Rising are both rumored to become multiplatform (remember what I said in my article about that guy's "inaccurate" quote not being a rumor killer, though I don't know if TGR will agree with me on that or not).

Call of Duty is multiplatform

Grand Theft Auto is multiplatform

Final Fantasy now also....STILL coming to the PS3, thus still multiplatform

Devil May Cry is multiplatform

Resident Evil is multiplatform

Fallout & Oblivion are multiplatform (though Bethesda sis obviously showing PS3 hate for some odd reason and not giving a crap about the PS3 versions of those, the games are STILL multiplatform)

Left 4 Dead is rumored to become multiplatform

Bioshock is multiplatform

Rockband is multiplatform

Madden is multiplatform

Guitar Hero is multiplatform

This only leaves GoW2 (from a second party, however) and Fable as the only true 360 exclusives (or those that have NO chance of becoming multiplatform) that you listed.

Now, anything else you want to say?

soxfan20053493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I could say that AAA multi-platform games always sell better on 360 than PS3. Developers will not ignore that. MS has the advantage of multi-platform titles being 360 system sellers, while Sony doesn't.

dazzalfc3493d ago

"I could say that AAA multi-platform games always sell better on 360 than PS3. Developers will not ignore that. MS has the advantage of multi-platform titles being 360 system sellers, while Sony doesn't."

While i agree (kinda) i could also switch it and say that while multiplatform titles tend to sell more on the 360 (which should be rather obvious given the larger install base) i could also turn and point to the many companies that are actually making more money from the Playstation 3 than they are on the Xbox 360, and i think if you quizzed any developer they'd want a larger profit over a large amount of sales anyday (trust me, i know ;))

I'd also like to see your evidence of Multiplatform titles helping Microsoft shift more units. I think the recent price cut had far more to say on hardware sales than Multiplatform titles helping Microsoft. I'm not saying they don't, but i just don't think it has that huge effect as suggested

Marquis_de_Sade3493d ago

Darkpower, that's his point, last generation many of those franchises were Sony exclusives, this time round they're available on the 360, and the 360 is cheaper.

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Raoh3494d ago

i say no. i think one difference is that, at least in the early days of the 360 and the xbox, there werent many big titles for it's fans to hold dear. they went nuts over saints row only because at the time they didnt have gta4.

for sony fans. there are so many titles that killzone 2 is just finally being welcomed to the family unlike killzone 1.

to me it will just be another great reason to be a sony fan and own a playstation brand console.

let the disagrees begin.

Baba19063494d ago

its not that important i think. i like fps but i enjoy games like uncharted or rpgs much more. its all about having many different games too choose from. the better the quality the more fun it is. the ps3 wouldent sell a bit if it only had killzone 2. sure it might be a argument to get a ps3 but it is not the game that will make or brake the consolewar. couse thats not even possible.