Tech2 : Ninja Blade Hands On

The article gives a preview of the upcoming ninja game Ninja Blade for Xbox 360.


"I liked Ninja Blade, it did have a few inspired aspects, but then so does Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (which we all know is a brilliant game). I am looking forward to Ninja Blade; it looks nice, plays smooth and offers a really stable camera while in combat. But then again, no assumption till the full game is out."

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chrisjc3494d ago

Hands on impressions of games are some of my favorite articles.

Karum3493d ago

They are also probably some of the most sensible articles that pop up on N4G.

commando343493d ago

looking forward to this :)the jap demo on the market place was awesome and felt like a combo of ninja gaiden and Devil may cry..just might have to pick up the jappense version :)

Karum3493d ago

This game could convince me to buy a 360, I was watching the gameplay videos on gametrailers last week and it looked really good, I loved Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 and some more action games are always welcome, even if I have to own more than one console.

If they offered a bundle with the console and game I'd probably be sold, doubt MS will offer it but maybe one of the retailers here will do it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago

If you loved Sigma, you should love NG2. Get the 360 for NG2. My personal pick as game of the year 2008!

I'm looking forward to this game, but so far all I have seen his quick time events. I don't want just cinematics, show us some real gameplay!

Jink3493d ago

This game has me and my bro thinking of buying an XB360, but we'll wait and see, play it first before making any risky decision (RROD).

I don't want end up like with the first XB, that we just bough the first Halo and rest wasn't as interesting as Halo, not even Halo2.

I have a feeling that if NinjaBlade turns out to be good, it could be the XB360's mini-Kratos. I really hope is good even thou the developers already stated that the game wasn't going to be challenging nor hard. But fun and entertaining, it might be.

Zizi3493d ago

wow, i really like this game, it's so great to wait!!! woohooo

no-spin3493d ago

We PS3 gamers are use to waiting

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