Zune sales plummeted during holidays

There were plenty of weak spots that led to Microsoft's disastrous December quarter, but one that didn't get much attention Thursday was how badly the Zune did.

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Hiruma Youchi3461d ago

Of course it plummeted. Nobody cares about the zune. I know I dont. I never saw someone with a zune in my life and I never saw one in stores.This holiday people were looking for

Xbox 360s
Blu Rays

gaffyh3461d ago

I got a Zune, but I had to get it from ebay (US) cos I don't think it is even sold in UK. It is pretty good, I like the fact that they give you a few free games on it. But yeah it will never be as popular as iPod, but it is still a great MP3 player.

andyo133461d ago

gives you hundreds of free games and apps. also if you smart like me all games and aps are free. actually its really not that hard

Kyur4ThePain3461d ago

It kind of makes the statement below seem silly.

The Zune didn't have the form factor, the looks or the service it needed to take on the iPod.
"Welcome to the social"??????? What the hell was that?

furymasterzero3461d ago

Zune + Zune Pass > Everything...

dragunrising3461d ago

I want to get a Zune just for the Zune Pass. Great concept. The ability to keep 10 songs per month is nice as well. Averages out to 3/4 of a CD a month for songs you would have purchased.

I hope the Zune doesn't go away any time soon. Competition is what drives innovation. I have never been able to justify an iPod. Why? Because everyone and their mom has one. Perhaps its just me, but I don't want to be a sheep. Sansa and Zune are different and offer compelling reasons not to own an iPod. Now if only the Zune service would move to cell phones...

sakuragi3461d ago

Why get a Zune when you can get an Ipod? Ask yourself this question and then realize why Zune is a failure.

Mnemonic-DK3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Why get an iPod when you can get a Sansa? ;)

NO DRM infection and NO iTunes installation - and you don't pay 25% tax to Saint Steve... :D

Sean Ryno3461d ago

Built in FM
Wireless transfers
The social really does work and really is awesome.
Zune software completely pwnzors, ipod software.
I'm not a chick.

dredgewalker3461d ago

The Zune wasnt actually a bad mp3 player, my friend who owns one really likes it and never parts with his unit. Im not really into the fad of getting a new piece of tech just because it is popular or cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.