New Stunning 1080p Killzone 2 Videos *SPOILERS*

Beautiful 1080p footage of Killzone 2 (french edition)

Never before seen footage which contain spoilers. However, for some who want to enjoy some Killzone 2 madness, this is just about enough to make you drool.


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MisfitSmurf3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Spoilers NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D: i shall not watch but i want tooooooo T.T

crazyclown3341d ago

its not that bad of 1 or 2 and keep the rest a surprise if anything

INehalemEXI3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I will peep cautiously.

will113341d ago

Press agree if this game is a first day buy for you.

olivia3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

could someone please tell i have a sony brevia full hd,they say killzone2 will be full 720p ,but since my tv goes up to 1080p would the game automatically upscale to that setting?it would hurt me to know the game wont use the tv full tec

CryofSilence3341d ago

Single player will actually run natively at 1080i. I think they said multiplayer will be 720p.

As for your question, I don't think there'll be a problem upscaling.

pixelsword3341d ago

...I put in a pre-order to Blockbuster in '07.

andyo133341d ago

killzone 2 runs at 1080 p? if not then this video would have to be an upscale and upscaling videogames is a waste of time, you can make ratchet and clank run at 1080 p by turning off all the other resolutions but you'll see no improvment in quality :P

Also just a tip for all you gamers wondering if they shuld go 1080 i or 720 p

1080 p: over 2 million pixels
1080 i: just over 1 million pixels
720 p: just under 1 million pixels
SD tv: 160,000 pixels (interlaced)

how ever even tho 1080 i is over 720 p i still recomend 720p as it does not flicker (jitter) also games are optimized for 720 p anyways.

but if killzone 2 does support 1080 p (native) then i will beleive anything is possible on ps3 and will donate my large balls to the creators.

HardcoreGamer3341d ago

we willl end up finishing the game b4 its even out lol

theKiller3341d ago

the AI is damn good!!!

i was complaining about kz2 because of easy and poor AI but now its completely the opposite!!

the graphics and gameplay is just sick!!!!

day one purchase for me!!

MazzingerZ3341d ago

Killzone 2 supports 1080i native...even if it was 720p...who cares? it's about how you use every available pixel...for instance, R6V2 runs at obviously doesn't look better than other 720p games

Bob Dole3341d ago

Whiy are zey zpeaking in zat ridiculous language??


*drooooooooools on brand new laptop(keyboard)*

andyo133341d ago

why so many disagrees? Some of you guys will take anything as offence. I didn't mean any dis on killzone 2, killzone 2 is an incredible game and my mouth will fall to the ground if it also runs at 1080 p cause that is so amazing.

and i've done a personal comparison of ratchet in upscale 1080 p and 720 p native. the only difference is that it doesnt have the black bars up top and bottem and it has a strange glitch in the bottem right corner. See for yourself before you disagree, if you can't do 1080 p then put it on 1080 i cus its the same glitch in the corner.

im not an xbox fan im a serious playstation fan and always have been, i was still a fan even through its rougher times. i have never ever been a fan of rrod 360.

BkaY3341d ago

the introduction movie is cgi or in-game?.... (an honest question..)

if its in game .... then there isnt any word to praise its beauty...

best loooking game ever..... ever....

if you dont think so then .... please for the love of gaming .... check you eye sight...

be gamers not haters..


Rofflecopter3341d ago

it was in an earlier article (forgive me, i dont recall which), but its not in game, nor is it cgi. its some strange mixture. it is, however, all in game assets.

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crazyclown3342d ago

i know forgot to mention that thanks

Raoh3342d ago

got me here tapping my veins for this.

DELTABOY043341d ago

you guy's see the glitch on the bridge? its at 1:39 lol

shysun3341d ago

Damnnnn yoouuuuu!!!!! SPOILER ALERT PLEASE!!!!!

outlawlife3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

keep in mind im not stirring anything up this is an innocent observation:

these are the first in depth gameplay videos i've watched and the gameplay mechanic seems very much like a first person gears of war, has a very similar feel about it

shoot some enemys, advance to the next spot of cover, im not bashing the game but it seems that things in KZ2 are very reminiscent of gears in some spots(cover system style, blood splatters, pace of play, mood lighting)

this is one of the few games that would sway me to buy a ps3 if i had the cash, it would be nice if that price drop came because i really cant afford one right now but if it were 250-300 i could swing it

buy a ps33341d ago

I agree Killzone 2 has defiantly added to some of the gears of wars greatest ideas.

gears has made a good amount of profit with their ideas and now its time to see if someone can do them better.

PataponKnight3341d ago

"shoot some enemys, advance to the next spot of cover"

That was gears idea? Weird.

OrganicMachine3341d ago

well duh.. any game that implements a cover system, the most basic tactic is to duck-shoot-advance-repeat...

Rainbow 6 Vegas was the same thing except you have 2 buddies to help you out...

shine13963341d ago

yeah, more rainbow six then gears. the movement kind of reminds me of that game too. good spot.

pixelsword3341d ago

...Gears of war is a direct rip-off of Kill.switch.

Bathyj3341d ago

Wait wait wait wait wait.....

Gears didn't invent the cover system? To hell you say.

Sarcasm3341d ago

It's what I've been saying, Killzone 2 is the offspring of two great games. COD4 and Gears of War 2 but set in the Killzone universe.

And it boggles my mind seeing that COD4 AND Gears of War 2 are generally loved by the 360 community, yet they are the ones bashing Killzone 2.

jivah3341d ago

i think da game steers more toward cod n tf2.
i look mean n hard but i fail 2 see any gears influence

PotNoodle3341d ago


How is it like CoD4? Apart from it being first person, it is nothing like it.

I wish people would stop comparing it to CoD, seriously.

crillyconlig3341d ago

shouldnt realy compair cod4 and gears to kz2, ive played all three and killzone fells and responds in a very different manner

outlawlife3341d ago

you people act like i'm flaming the game, i'm just saying it 'feels' similar from the videos at least

its feels like a combo of gears and battlefield in some ways

just an observation, no need to get up in arms, the reason i compared it to gears is because it is the game of most recent memory that has these same elements

Pootie Tang3341d ago

Hey I c ur also a Married with Children Fan,
U should check out David Faustino's new online series on called Star-Ving, also has the MWC cast
show is hilarious as hell

on a gaming side, this game is amazing

MazzingerZ3341d ago

"shoot some enemys, advance to the next spot of cover"

Yeah, right and everybody copied Megaman...

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