IBM layoff count nearing 3,000 this week

Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. aren't the only top IT vendors laying off employees this week. IBM may have quietly let more than 2,800 workers go, according to the [email protected] union, which expects even more job cuts at the company.

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Snoozer2823405d ago

Just getting rid of the dead wood.

divideby03405d ago

How would you like to hear that if your Dad lost his job...? Who would buy you your video games or buy you Xmas gifts....

shikwan3405d ago

they laid off my former team lead! He deserves it. Rat Bast..

hossammilan3405d ago

Sony , Microsoft and now IBM .... DAMN
these days are really hard :(
(but not for gamers)

narked3405d ago

holy hell, IBM also :O this is just getting out of hand

fossilfern3405d ago

Jesus supprised i thought IBM where doing alright having a CPU in all 3 systems but looks like its worse than i thought

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