Gears of War 2 getting third title update?

Here is the latest list of fixes/tweaks on the upcoming third title update that the people at Epic games are working on...Or is it?

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ppisatosspot3497d ago

As expected from the Patchbox Please-Fix-Me.

outlawlife3496d ago

i like the fact that they added in backend tweaks for things like weapons and such

just give the game dedicated servers ad all issues are solved

Maddens Raiders3496d ago

This game is just broken. Hope this helps.

outlawlife3496d ago

have you played since the patch?

it is a completely different game and has actually been fun the last couple times i've played(aside from the 2 times i ran into standbyers)

the game isn't 'broken', at this point it is no more flawed than games like cod:waw

DA_SHREDDER3496d ago

Im glad you guys are enjoying the game,, I dont think its broken, I just think they should have taken more time to balance the guns and make the controls less sluggish. Its not my type of game but I gotta respect anyone who appreciates this game. I think Unreal Tounament is Epic's best game, Its been my Halo killer for the longest time.

outlawlife3496d ago

UT used to be my favorite but after UT3 that kinda went out the window

UT seemed incredibly out of step with todays FPS games, it didn't seem like it was leading the pack anymore

i only played it for about a week and then i got tired of it which is a shame, i was really hoping for it to be fantastic

to this day it is hard to be the fun of the original unreal tourny, and the game of the year addition that was released...i still have those installed on my pc and play from time to time

it is amazing that there are still may servers running that game

UT 2004 was ace as well, i skipped 2007 because i was busy with school but for me ut3 was a major disappointment

Kushan3496d ago

Er dude, UT2007 and UTIII are the same game, they just changed the name a bit before it was released.

outlawlife3496d ago

well then that would explain why i never played it

i assumed 3 was an update on 2007

ChampIDC3496d ago

UTIII is a good game, but it just doesn't seem to have the punch that UT and UT2004 did when they came out. I can't put my finger on what makes it like that, though. Maybe they're just not innovating the series enough. With games like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2, I don't really feel the urge to play UTIII online.

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user8586213496d ago

patch of wars :)
glitch of wars :)
broken game of wars :)

unicorndeathcamp3496d ago

sorry dude, i feel your pain. I bought unreal tournament for PS3

testerg353496d ago

Weird, I thought LBP, R2, and Socom already had patches to them.

Little Buggy Planet

Damn.. couldn't think of one for R2 :)

ANoobsJourney3496d ago

This my first approved story, and I really appreciate your opinions. Thanks again!

Maddens Raiders3496d ago

and welcome! 8D Don't forget to browse the forums as well mate.

ANoobsJourney3496d ago

And bubbles to epic games for at least trying to fix what should be a great game!

ChampIDC3496d ago

Indeed, it may have started a broken mess, but at least they're making efforts to make it what it should be. The gameplay has so much potential.

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