GameSpy's Most Wanted Games of 2009 - Rumors & Speculation

GameSpy writes: "Over the past few years, our crystal ball hasn't always been so crystal-clear. We predicted a major online push for consoles about a generation before it happened. And Halo 3 came out nearly a year later than we were hoping. If anything, we're guilty of wishful thinking. But we've been on the money when it comes to naming some trends and predicting the impact of certain games. Right or wrong, it's fun to try to predict what everyone will be talking about come New Year's 2010."

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lelo3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Typical PS3 fanboys from N4G (witch are the majority of N4G users). Oh boy, if a PS3 exclusive is not in front as the most expected, then the site sucks and let's bash the site.

Do you really think the gaming world lives around N4G and the PS3 fanboys that exist here?

Contrary to your belief there are other great games in other gaming systems that are coming out in 2009. Try to explore other gaming sites that exist beside N4G, you might be surprised.

jammy_703492d ago

one of the biggest and best looking games of 09
not cuz its a ps3 exclusive....