IGN Xbox Live 2009 Preview

IGN writes: "Is it really 2009 already? It seems like only yesterday we were building survival shelters and bunkering down for the imminent downfall of man that the Y2K bug would bring. If you're like us here at IGN, you've probably just recently come out of a holiday-food induced stupor and made a few New Year's resolutions that will be broken by next Tuesday. That means you've just about finished scratching your belly and are beginning to wonder what the fuss about this whole "2009" thing is all about. Well, at least in terms of videogames, we're here to help you out.

There's no shortage of games coming out in 2009 and sifting through the pile to figure out which ones are worth getting excited about is no easy task. That's what our 2009 preview is for. We've broken it down by genre and picked out the one's that look most promising. As you'll see, that's quite a few games. We've made certain to only include games that we're pretty positive will come out in this calendar year and no games that haven't been formally announced were allowed on."

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