Is the Wii failing to meet its potential? - Console overwhelmed with "crappy games," says publisher

Mike Smith writes:

"There are too many crappy games on the Wii.

So says the global boss of 2K Games, Christoph Hartmann, and at least in the opinion of video game critics, he's on to something. Using figures from review aggregation site, almost half of Wii games released since the console launched in 2006 have scored below 65%, compared with about a third of Xbox 360 and PS3 titles. And 65% is a pretty crappy aggregate score, considering that many game review sites rarely score below 50%.

Raise the bar to 85%, and the difference is even more pronounced: 360 owners can play twice as many games rated above 85% as Wii owners, while the PS3 nearly triples Nintendo's numbers."

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swiftshot933405d ago

The ONLY reason why I'm keeping mine is for retro studios.

Rikitatsu3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Not to mention, 3 of the highest Rated games on it (Okami, Zelda TP, RE4) are Last gen ports.

There is like Galaxy, NMH, and SSBB only which are AAA titles.

The rest are either Good/Mediocre or just plain crappy.

Thanks Nintendo!

vudu3405d ago

The only reason I still have mine is to try out The Conduit and Mad World.

N4g_null3405d ago

The funny thing is the numbers are not adding up. The Wii is out selling the other consoles by a large margin. Yes you have the casuals but seriously look at the games in that 85% of HD games. Do you ever kick your self fro not playing one of those games or do you realize most of those games where rated highly just because of graphics?

I mean really I remember when anime became big. Then two camps came out of it. The movie lovers and the porn anime lovers you know how they are. It seems due to the bad graphics of the PS2 reviewers are now in a state of I can't believe this is doable and are handing out the highest score they can while none of these games will be seen as classic or even universally loved by gamers. If you can't see how my example works then just know some anime watcher though a good anime was a porn one LOL. You can see how priorities can change when people are not exposed to certain things.

The review industry for games still have not come to terms with HD gaming and are still in awe.

If you take PC reviewers and redo all of those reviews the scores would be different. Believe me....

It's so bad that a good game has to have online to be playable after a few months. This is the same idea that killed PC gaming.... console developers are eating it up yet not even thinking about how to bring back ways of rewarding creative and skilled play. There are just a lot of snipers and spammers playing virtual laser tag.

If any thing the Wii is reach it's potential and it's not yet done. Once the developers realize they don't really have competition on the console and start to make more hardcore games then you will see numbers that look like PS2 number plus the expanded market.... a possible 70% market saturation.

This years hyped games will come and go just like the PC's hyped games yet the Wii is just going to get better.

Two very big thing will be fixed this year along, Wiimote 1:1 and graphic engines... two things that the hardcore can agree on, good graphics and better control.

The other thing is the market is fixing it self. Companies are going out of business yet those people who worked for them will get re-hired and they may not group back up with the HD fiends since the HD crazy is the reason why many are looking for work.

There is a lesson in this gen and it is PC gaming is hard ball yet console gaming is where the rock stars happen, only if you make console games , not PC games. I always wonder if console developer could handle a PC market and now we have our answer, they can't. The culture is on;y set up for their to be only one or two great because they are all shooting for the same thing. Yet on consoles it was ok to be any thing as long as it was fun.

I've never seen people talk more about the console than the games this gen, more about review scores then the actually play. More about specs they clearly don't understand than looking at the sameness that came along with those specs.

Hey it's gaming look at it how you want. I don't expect many other these companies to make it nor many HD gamers to make it through this gen to buy another console because you will surely get a PC and do it right next time so you are not tied to supporting a closed system that may stagnate.

Seriously the PS3 will perform like the xbox 360 with a slight variation. Most of you are failing to see this is because of RROD owners and people who fear it. Most Xbox 360 owners have a PS3 also and few just only have a PS3. SONY is selling to it's hardcore fans and xbox 360 owners who got spooked. If the early sales of the xbox 360 show you any thing is that no one cares about HD gaming... The PS3 is only riding on RROD and MS hate.... the exclusives are not even close to what MS's exclusive have done.

Another thing is Fanboy logic drives away even more people... No one wants to deal with jr high students for the same reason. I know some of you are older but your reasons why your system of choice will prevail sound more like your a football or basketball fan rooting for your team.

To put things into context Kotaku whatever gets about 100,000 hits and that's mostly from refreshes LOL. The PS2 sold in numbers way beyond that. I'm just curious as to how you guys think these web site represent the gaming community?

Movie creep is killing the industry.... Shovelware is funding it's death.... Many people will resurface on the Wii this year after HD gaming throws up in it's own mouth.

Maddens Raiders3405d ago

unless your're old, hurt, 5, or a complete waste of time.

Pootie Tang3405d ago

The WII is aimed at soccer moms and pedophiles, they have no idea what games are good, all they need is a fancy cover and they buy it. So why not sell shovelware they make huge profits and a ton of money

I think the Wii is an anchor in Next Gen gaming, I can't believe ppl want to play it after seeing what next gen games look and play like
I'm a 360 owner but can u look at KZ2 and then say "gee i think I'll buy a WII this weekend!???? WTF

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SinnedNogara3405d ago

If the president of 2K Games is very mad about this, he should actually make games. Carnival Games sucked, and yet his company made it. He should not complain and start making some great AAA Wii games!!!!!! Come on Christoph!!!!!!


Make some good Wii games.

thebudgetgamer3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

when your game is getting outsold by the latest lawn care simulator it makes one think its the over saturation of bad games much like a famous console from the 80s


N4g_null3405d ago

I hope more pubs start thinking like this so we can cut them from console gaming all together. Their products speak for them selves. Right now it's either you make good games HD or wii or find another line of work.

You can't blame the past... If they actually start making cool games that don't rely on HD graphics then we might actually be making more money. The funny thing is this was not a problem on the horrible PS2 graphics yet now it's a problem. This is ego stroking and choosing the easy way out.

You come up with your idea for a game and then hire a high resolution modeler and bang you sell millions this is how they think.

rockleex3404d ago

They were great!

Look at Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Look at MGS2&3. Look at FFX. Just look at all those games, and compare them to half of Wii's games.

In fact, Persona 4 was recently released for the PS2, and got perfect scores from nearly every site despite using old technology. Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii got perfect scores from nearly every site.

Nobody is down-scoring PS2 or Wii games because of their graphics.

Actually, developing for the Wii and PS2 is the easy way out. It doesn't cost 50-100 million to make. Imagine if MGS4 or Killzone 2 flopped, the developers would have to shut down and they would be in debt by the millions.

Stop blaming HD gaming or non-HD gaming. If developers make a great game for a certain console, then it will be a great game regardless. The fact remains that the Wii has a LOT more shovelware than the PS3 or 360.

Thats because developers KNOW that they can make crappy games for the Wii, get crappy sales, and STILL make profit or at least break even!! If they tried that on the PS3 or 360, they'll go bankrupt like Free Radicals.

Anyways, as technology improves, the games and consoles should improve along with it. Would you want to be watching movies without sound like back in the early 1900's? Would you want to be watching The Dark Knight in black and white and Batman without all those gadgets?

Fact is, Sony and Microsoft SHOULD implement motion sensing and Nintendo SHOULD move towards HD. Why SHOULDN'T they? We want innovation, we want improvements. We want BOTH, not just one or the other.

Mahr3404d ago

"The fact remains that the Wii has a LOT more shovelware than the PS3 or 360."

So there's a lot of shovelware. Why should that matter?

"Thats because developers KNOW that they can make crappy games for the Wii, get crappy sales, and STILL make profit or at least break even!! If they tried that on the PS3 or 360, they'll go bankrupt like Free Radicals."

The existence of games Super Rub a Dub, History Channel: Battle for the Pacific, Crazy Mouse, Battlezone, Cyberball 2072, etc and their non-bankrupted developers would seem to contradict that.

"Anyways, as technology improves, the games and consoles should improve along with it."

I don't believe that this is necessarily true in all cases.

"Would you want to be watching movies without sound like back in the early 1900's? Would you want to be watching The Dark Knight in black and white and Batman without all those gadgets?"

Well, most of Buster Keaton's silent movies hold up a lot better today than most action films do a year after their release and sometimes indie films still film in black and white.

Technology and artistic content/design proficiency are not interchangeable. Despite what the likes of George Lucas and Michael Bay may think, increasing the former does not substitute for the latter.

But let's forget the movies analogy for a second and get back to games. Is it a good thing that Sonic the Hedgehog games are all in 3D now?

ultimolu3405d ago

Nintendo did a good job this generation but even I have to agree with this.

Seriously Nintendo, you just lost the hardcore audience.

Voiceofreason3405d ago

Please... You never were with Nintendo Sony fan.... Why didnt those crap games bother you on PS2? After all most of them were there also.. Oh thats right like a good little Sony fan you will ignore any facts that do not fit in with your hate.

ultimolu3405d ago

Dude, get a life okay?
I have never bashed Nintendo or the Wii. I'm actually a Sony/Nintendo fan.

What the hell do you even know about me?

Parapraxis3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Ignore him ultimolu, he tries to tell people I'm a fanboy.
But if you read my comment history it's very clear i'm not.
Yep, I own a PS3, so I like PS3 news & stories, my console of choice is a PS3. Theat does not make me a fanboy.
Might I add.

Tracked by: 2 users
Ignored by: 51 users

Read some comment history, almost EVERY comment voiceofreason makes is trolling the PS3.
Yeah kiddo, you get your facts wrong (or just plain don't understand what is written) then you send me PMs calling ME a fanboy? really? really?
You're the worst type of fanboy voiceofreason.

UltimateIdiot9113405d ago

Don't worry about VoiceofUnreason here. He obviously hates the PS3 and attacks other about it. He assumes many PS3 fans never touch a nintendo console or even own one.

rockleex3404d ago

A LOT of Playstation gamers are Nintendo fans.

When the Playstation 1 came out, it migrated many gamers to Sony. The gamers still loved Nintendo games like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. It was all about loving and playing great games. It just so happened Playstation was where most of the interesting games were at.

But there are jealous sore loser fanboys who just hate anything Sony.

Because according to them, Sony "stole" Nintendo's top spot and deceitfully "killed" Sega. -_-"

Voiceofreason3404d ago

Actually you'll find that anything negative I say about Sony in most cases is directed at its fan base not the company or the console itself which has no issues beyond a bunch of rabid fans who spend more time trashing the Wii and 360 then they do actually supporting their own console. Ultimately every stupid statement comes from a Sony fan.
BUt back to the subject at hand..

Yes any true Nintendo fan would turn their back on a them simply based off of one article....Yeah right....Just as likely that one of those negative PS3 articles convinces one of you to sell your PS3. There are gamers who love all games, then there are fanboys who only buy one company and look down on the others for any reason they can find regardless of whether it is valid or not.

I am a gamer, not a fanboy. So no I wouldnt claim to leave any company over 1 writers opinion. Every post from Ultimo is the same. Pro Sony, everything else sucks. I would expect nothing less from the SDF then to defend someones trolling of a console as long as it isnt Sony.

Parawhatever, Anyone that reads your post history will see you are a fanboy. a fanboy is a person that only supports one company. You admit you do that. You also come out negative about MS and Nintendo on every occasion. Again another fanboy tactic.

Check my post history again. Find any posts where I say any console is the only console that people should support like you do on a daily basis. Lastly going around making nonfanboy statements and then pointing me out in your posts doesnt mean you are not a fanboy. That just means you are going out of your way to prove you arent one. If you really were not one you wouldnt be trying so hard to prove it and calling me out when you say something decent for once.

Parapraxis3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

"Parawhatever, Anyone that reads your post history will see you are a fanboy. a fanboy is a person that only supports one company. You admit you do that. You also come out negative about MS and Nintendo on every occasion. Again another fanboy tactic."

It's PARAPRAXIS (look it up), it's REALLY not that hard, but of course it's your attempt at a sleight against me, for whatever childish reason.

I don't know what you define a fanboy as, but I'm pretty sure you need to have a look at yourself.
I'm a gamer.
I have gamed on pretty much every console in the last 20 years.

You are failing at it and hard voiceofreason.

I have never on any occasion said people should only support PS3 or Sony, that would be stupid.

Competition is GOOD for the industry.

The Wii, 360 and PS3 ALL have their strencgths and weaknesses.

90% of voiceofunreason's posts are on Sony-related stories. Seriously, check it. He's a hardcore troll.

voiceofreason is literally MAD at me because I enjoy talking about the PS3.

I'm not telling other people to buy them, i'm not trolling other consoles or games, you don NOT see me post in other areas very often unless it's an industry issue or a game that interests me.

I own a Sega Master System, NES, SNES, N64, PSone, PS2 and now a PS3 & half decent computer, of COURSE i'm going to post mostly in those subjects about the PS3 Unlike voiceofreason who does NOT own a PS3 and trolls the living hell out of Sony stories.

Whoever reads this, please do me a favor and help me shut up voiceofreason he is trolling PS3 owners for the simple fact that we own PS3's, THAT is wahat a fanboy does, that is what voiceofreason IS.

THE only reason I posted on this article was because voiceofreason was attacking another N4G member for NO reason.

Please have a look at my comment history and hit agree if you think i'm a gamer who loves the biz, and disagree if you think i'm a fanboy.

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kraden3405d ago

Developers are just retarded, with the wii selling like pancakes, making any game for it should sell well. At least i think, i dont have a wii.

ThatArtGuy3405d ago

I haven't bought a Wii game since Brawl. I even bought Mega Man 9 on my PS3 since the controller is infinitely better. I probably won't buy any Wii games until PunchOut!!! comes out later this year.